From Your Own Home….

Have you finished your shopping yet for Christmas?

We keep Christmas very, very simple – 
but there are still many in our family! 

For me, Stocking stuffers are the tricky part.

I can do presents.

I can shop easily for most men in our family.

But stocking stuffers have always stumped me.

If they stump you, here is a place where you can shop
from the comfort of your own warm home!

Each item listed with Orphan Wares
was generously donated {usually handcrafted}
and placed on the site.

Orphan Wares exists to allow crafters
{or donators} the beautiful opportunity to
use their talents to feed children that would not
be eating otherwise.

So here’s the scoop on how it all works:

A quilter loves to quilt and makes a lap quilt. 
She then sends it to our Orphan Wares warehouse
where Kala photographs it and puts it 
on the web site.  Leah helps with promoting it.
A shopper sees the lap quilt and purchases it.
It is then shipped to the shopper.
Every penny above shipping is then
used in the programs 
has to feed vulnerable street children, 
special needs orphans in Uganda and
a colony of lepers’ children in India. 

100% of the proceeds are used.


Both the artisan and crafter have the joy of doing something they love 
and then the joy of generously donating.
The shopper has the joy of shopping. 
Kayla and Leah have the joy of serving.
And vulnerable children have the blessing of food.

Some of the items currently on the Orphan Wares site.

On behalf of those who will eat – 
thank you to all who make it possible.

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