A Brother’s Facing Surgery…And What Did Another Do?

Yes, big brother is having surgery today.
At the pre-op  appointment the other day,
I asked what time he could eat until?
Mentioning to the surgeon that we would get up in the night 
and make a big breakfast as long as he was okay with that.
He was.
So while discussing it with Isaiah the idea of me getting up to 
make him breakfast in the middle of the night,
Elijah piped up,
“I want to get up with him so he doesn’t
have to be alone.”
Nehemiah, bless his pre-teen heart, sheepishly
grinning said, “I will sleep.” 
Surprisingly the thought of food
didn’t grab his albeit always ravenous heart.
Sleep won.
So in the middle of the night 
I woke Isaiah, who instantly hopped up.
Elijah jumped up too.
And together they made a great big breakfast 
for themselves… 
and giggled as Elijah kept getting shells in the eggs…

They ate and we talked
and then what did they do?
They watched YouTube videos of middle of the 
night scorpion hunts.
Of course they did.
Cause they’re boys and they’re brothers
and they will do life together.
Nehemiah joined them this morning.

Surgery is today at noon.
Your prayers would be appreciated.
Arthrogryposis is not fun. 
So grateful that Isaiah doesn’t walk this road
alone.  Not now.  Not ever.
Family sticks together.

3 thoughts on “A Brother’s Facing Surgery…And What Did Another Do?

  1. So glad to read this just now when I can be praying. I have been praying for whoever had the pre-op assessment since you mentioned it last week. And now I know who. Wonderful middle of the night breakfast for brothers.
    Praying for the mom, too!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. Feel like I was just there as my son from China has arthrogryposis too. He had surgery in November. Praying for your young man's recovery and that the surgery's outcome will be successful.

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