Thrilled to Announce…

Gracious be!!  I am so grateful to tell y’all.  I actually have to say “y’all” since I’m typing as we drive through Alabama!! So friends, this trip has been downright a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!

We have four stops left.  Thursday night we are in Huntsville, Alabama.  Saturday night in Knoxville, TN and Sunday morning and night in two different locations in Cleveland, TN.  Then we will be heading for home lickety-split so we can get the rest of our paperwork done to bring JonWesley home.

Of course it’s been wonderful – why wouldn’t it be?? I’ve met so many of you and been so overwhelmed by all your love and kindness and hugs!! (I can’t help it – I’m  just addicted to hugs!)  I’m so very grateful for cameras and pictures so we can reminisce and remember all the good times!!

Ruby has loved meeting so many of her peeps!! She is tickled that you all were so pleased with her little yellow button!!

So what’s the big announcement today??  

Drum roll pleeeeease……

International Voice of the Orphan has launched a NEW website!!  It’s so easy to use…and we are now officially:


No need to type out all those long words…Just IVO.Global!!

And IVO does the same three things we’ve always done…

Feed –  So Far IVO has provided over 400,000+ meals since it’s inception!!


By providing meals for orphans, street children and vulnerable children in both Uganda and India.


Medical Care –

By continuing to provide medical care, medicine and life-saving surgeries for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.


Special Needs – 

By continuing to be the Voice for the needs of the Gems at The Gem Foundation…and leading teams to serve at The Gem.

GemOneYearBeing the voice for the orphan and those who have no voice is our greatest passion…we are grateful for this privilege.

Check out our new site:  IVO.Global

PS – If you haven’t liked our Facebook page yet, please do!!

 International Voice of the Orphan – IVO.Global

And for more information on the four last stops of Rescuing Ruby Miracle Tour, peek here. 


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