Woot! Woot! They’re Finally Admitting It!

People seem to ask us fairly regularly, “Where do you get all your energy from?”  Our typical response is to laugh and say, “Well look at our pile!! We’re having a blast – for real! And we’re pretty sure they keep us young!”

Just in case anyone thinks I’m kidding when I say that having a large family really is that much fun…I’m not.  Of course it’s not perfect – nobody’s life is perfect!!  But we love each other tons,  have each other’s back and really love making memories together.

And now there is a study to prove what we’ve been saying all these years!!  I was so tickled when my friend Jessica sent the link.

It’s titled:  Happiest Parents Have Four or More Children

The article is short, but really interesting.  Dr. Bronwyn Harman spent five years doing the research and interviewing hundreds…and he admits that he thought that his findings would be just the opposite (meaning that parents with large families would be less happy!!)  But au contraire!!

When it was all said and done, the folks who had FOUR children or more were the happiest!!  I can’t believe it.  What we’ve been saying for forever is being supported now with some outside evidence.


I guess that old saying, “The more the merrier!” is largely true!

So here’s a poem to celebrate the idea of more!!!


IMG_5387 IMG_4911



IMG_3923 IMG_4271




Thirteen cheers for more times up in the night!

More piles of laundry out in plain sight!

More and more legos always, yes, always, tossed everywhere…

More Christmas stockings hung by the chimney with care…

More chairs and more chairs around our table….

Perfectly pink wheelchair for a girl some once believed not-able…

Ever delighted to be adding a wheelchair for some exciting races…

Daily our eyes gaze at each of the bubbly, giggly and sometimes impish faces…

The laughter, the weirdness, the hysterical joy, the chasing, and even the punching (Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!) 

Of course we can’t forget the jumped-from-too-often broken bed,

(Which was better than the possibility of a kinda’ broken head!) 

Who would want to miss this commotion, noise and chaos each and every day?

Are you kidding me??  Without it, so yawningly bored we would stay!

Cause this silver haired momma with her dashing hubby, Dwight,

Are pretty sure they’ve seen the massive, enormous, colossal light –

And in their hearts they are convinced that the large family brings such gargantuan bliss…

Which no one in their right mind, would ever want to miss!  Family2014

7 thoughts on “Woot! Woot! They’re Finally Admitting It!

  1. I love that! I only have two of my own, but many, many more through the years of all ages that have spent countless hours at my house and some who have lived with us for a season. I love that God grows our families in so many different ways. What a blessing.

    1. You are one who DEFINITELY has a large family!! Could you imagine if you had a giant family reunion?? That would be crazy!! You two are the epitome of what everyone should do and be!! I love you friend and I love your hearts!

  2. My husband just mentioned this study to me–glad you saw it too! We landed back in the States in June with our two Gems from Ukraine, and exactly two months later I delivered our second bio child. Today was the first time we have ALL ventured out of the house together–we went to church. As I turned around in the passenger seat and saw four car seats behind me, it dawned on me all over again. I said, “DUDE! We have FOUR CHILDREN!” My husband said, “Yeah, I know…crazy.” When does this really sink in? College graduation? 🙂

    1. Congratulations!!! What a joy to read your comment! I am smiling big time!! Way to GO FOR IT!! It sounds like you guys would get along great with us! Reckless love pursuing 4 carseats in the back – some gathered from around the world!! I LOVE IT!! And I love your hearts!! And you guys will be two of the happiest people in the world {there’s even that study to prove it!!}. xo

  3. Yes! And this is why it hurts my heart when loved ones tell me they are choosing to not have children. They will miss out on so much joy and so many blessings.

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