Guess What 2016 is Going to Bring?

Oh friends…

Last week I mentioned that I had some exciting news to share.  I really don’t do that unless I am pretty certain that it’s gonna’ be okay to share…but circumstances prevented it from being shared then.

But the time is NOW!!

I am so excited to tell you all  –

The Gem Foundation is in negotiations for land to build the Gem Foundation Village!!

I had the privilege of walking the land when I was there in September.


It is so peaceful.  Soooo very, very, very amazingly peaceful.  The air is so clean!  Absolutely perfect!!

I could not wait for Dw to wake up that day so I could tell him!!

Why do the Gems need a permanent home?

The first and foremost reason is this:

There are precious, vulnerable, medically fragile Gems being turned away because there is no longer room in the facility they currently rent.  They are at maximum occupancy!

The thought that precious, vulnerable, medically fragile Gems are being turned away is beyond comprehension!  I know, as Emma’s mom, she has cried and cried that they have had to turn little ones away.

So here’s the most exciting news!!!

We get to be part of it all!!

You, me, our family, your family, your small group!!  All of us.  All of us, together, can help build The Gem Village.

The vision God has given Emma and Josh is enormous!  In fact my eyes well with tears at all the Lord has whispered is to come!!  I stand in awe.  But honestly, why should I be surprised?? If He called her at 6.5 years old and she quietly obeyed each step of the way, no doubt, His plans are gigantic!!

The land they are buying is going to cost about $184,000.  (Cost of land in Uganda is like America!)

So far The Gem has raised $75,000!!

That leaves just $109,000 to raise!!

That’s nothing when an army of orphan-lovers pitches in together!! 

Can you imagine the joy of being able to say, “I helped buy land in Uganda for The Gems!”  

Every friend of the orphan can pitch in!  Each dollar makes an enormous difference!


Often people wonder where to donate their money!!  You friends have been hanging around and know – The Gem Foundation is legit.  It’s doing the work.  It’s making a difference in the lives of 28 Gems this moment.

The Gems, most non-verbal, cannot ever thank you.

But since it’s said that pictures speak volumes… here is a “before” and “after” of one little Gem…Sammy’s arrival picture too painful to share.  The picture of my pinky next to his calf the day after he arrived.  Nine years old and his calf matches my tiny pinky, can you imagine?   Now look at Sweet Sammy.  His smile lights up a room…and let me tell you – he loves when people stop to love on him.  Precious baby boy.  So much suffering but now such joy!SammyBeforeAfterThe Gem Foundation is buying land for their permanent home.

Would you please partner with us to get the Gems to their home?

Would you help us buy the land for a permanent home for The Gem Foundation?

Emma posted about the need here.

Here’s a video of The Gem recently released….we all cried as we watched it…

Almighty God loves the Gems…will you partner with us in His work at The Gem Foundation?

Your gift is tax deductible because IVO is a 501c3…here’s where to donate:

Yes I want to Donate!!

And Canadian friends, Please donate here for your tax receipt.

Thank you in advance!!  God is going to do some huge things this Christmas through bloggy friends around the world.

Please share the need…

PS  International Voice of the Orphan will be mobilizing GO Teams to build The Gem Foundation Village!  Eeeek. Start now getting ready to GO with us soon!!


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