A Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration – 500,000!!!!

Oh such joyous news to report!!  Such a Thanksgiving gift!!

We have officially passed the 500,000 meals mark at International Voice of the Orphan (aka IVO.Global)!!

You all – it’s amazing!!

Together –  you and IVO.global!

Together we have fed over 500,000 meals to orphans, street children and vulnerable treasures!

Celebrate that for a minute and let this sink in –

$1. feeds 4 meals.

Yup.  Truth. Partner with IVO and each dollar you send, feeds 4 meals.

$1. = 4 meals.

Currently IVO.global feeds orphans in Uganda at several different orphanages, little ones living alone on the streets of Kampala and the children of lepers in India!!


We know personally the precious friends who direct each of these ministries and there is utmost accountability!!  We are fastidious to know that every dollar sent goes exactly for what it is intended to do!!

And some exciting news coming – IVO is about to partner with another ministry to orphans in another country – but more of that exciting news in the days to come!

So in case you ever wonder if you can make a difference – know that with IVO.Global, ONE DOLLAR provides 4 meals.

Can you imagine?

Just think….forego ONE holiday drink at Starbucks (valued at $5) and feed 20 children!!


This holiday season, ask your family how you can partner with IVO to feed hungry little ones.  

Every dollar really does make a difference!!

Join in the joy and donate to make a difference!

GO here – IVO.Global

2 thoughts on “A Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration – 500,000!!!!

  1. I am so honored to have the opportunity to partner with IVO. I never know how much of an impact my contribution which, to me, seems too small in the face of such great need, But this post was such a blessing – I did the multiplication and was moved to tears. Thank you Linny & Dwight!

    1. Oh Liz!! Every dollar is FOUR meals!! Isn’t that really incredible?? And you and David have been such a blessing to the orphans. Never, ever think your gifts don’t matter – they do!! To know that little one’s tummies have food because of you?? THE BEST!! On behalf of the orphans – thank you!! xoxo

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