A Change of Plans in the Delivery Room

Besides being Christmas Eve, this is a very special day to our family.

On December 24, 1912 my precious father-in-love was born.   He’s been gone eight years now but he was a man who was loved by all.   His legacy lives on.  Gentle, kind, tender-hearted.  Never mean or harsh.  Kinda’ shy.  Full of the best puns, which he shared freely on a daily basis.

Oh how we miss him and my mother-in-love.

Such a weird thing about death, even at an old age.  We still miss them so very much.

Well, recently, we saw another picture of the son we are adopting.


As you all know, we had decided to name him JonWesley Vernon, however, when I saw that picture I kind of gasped and my eyes flooded with tears.  He looked like my father-in-love.  I called to Dw almost sobbing,  “Babe!!  There is no way we can call him JonWesley…he looks like your dad! Look at that expression on his face!  Look at him, Whitey!!!!  He is totally a Vernon!

Sooooo just like the couple who had thought they would call their soon-arriving baby one thing, yet in the delivery room they say, “Uh-oh, you don’t look like a such-n-such…”  –  we get it.

Call it our “Delivery Room experience” cause we are changing his name! 

He will officially be named exactly after my father-in-love whose complete name was:

Vernon Leonard Saunders

and we are overjoyed…it feels right.  

{{And Dw’s middle name is Leonard, so that’s cool too.}}

Our only sorrow in it all is that my precious father-in-love isn’t alive to know that he will be named after him.  I pray the Lord whispers it to him, because if He did, for sure – the Vernon Leonard Saunders in heaven will smile that smile and kind of chuckle and giggle a bit…and say with a little sheepish grin, “Ohhh me.  I’m just bustin’ my vest buttons.”


So from here on out…

We are bringing home Vernon and Pearl…and we are tickled blue and pink!!




13 thoughts on “A Change of Plans in the Delivery Room

  1. Linny, This post couldn’t be anymore timely for my heart. I jumped on your blog to look up your description of what a memorial box is so I can print it off and give it along with the box to my husband soon. My heart is so crushed right now and I have slept but a few hours in the last two days, but hearing about Vernon in Heaven and thinking about him being with my dad… and thinking about the sweet Vernon you are bringing home really warms my heart. On Wednesday I was about to read Rescuing Ruby when I got the call about my dad having the heart attack and they were trying to save him (my sister and his dear friend gave him mouth to mouth cpr while the ambulance arrived- it was horrible), so I still haven’t read any yet, but I really look forward to reading about God’s faithfulness in the days to come. Please keep my mom in your prayers she is so heart broken… my dad was only 63 and my parents reminded me so much of you and Dw..they were married for 37 years and deeply loved one another. Yesterday at my parents house everything hurt… my dad’s boots at the door… the dog waiting for him to come home… the unopened present my mom bought him… watching my mom try to reach a top shelf (my mom is short and my dad was tall)… anyways his presence is just very missed till we see him again. On a random note my husband and I have that exact (same model) large clock in the first picture in our home. Sending love to your family and praying Vernon and Pearl home.

    1. Oh Alisha. I have thought of you dozens of times and prayed since the first notice of you rushing to the hospital for your dad. We are just so sad for you all. I pray that in the days to come our faithful God buoys you and yours…He is our only comfort…besides knowing that you will see your daddy again. Love to you!!

      1. Thank you Linny. It has been a whirlwind the last several days. I am finding peace only through Christ and His promises. He truly is My Rock to stand upon through the storm. The prayers are appreciated and I believe they are really making all the difference. Please continue to pray for my mom and family as we bury my dad today. I am continuing to think of and pray for your family… praying that Vernon and Pearl come home soon! I am looking forward to seeing pictures of them together with your pile of treasures… thinking of that brings joy to my heart.

  2. I am so excited for you Linny… I cannot wait to see pictures of your treasures home soon. Adoption is so special. We just finalized our sixth adoption on National Adoption Day. A child’s name is so important, I am very happy you have found the perfect names. Please pray for my Dad, I am flying back to the UK on Monday. He is dying of terminal cancer… as far as we know he has not asked the Lord into his heart… please storm heaven with us….

      1. Hi Linny…. It is with great joy that I can tell you that my dad excepted the Lord into his heart…. Thankyou so much for your prayers, Sarah.

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