At The Very Last Second She…

FullSizeRender-1Sometimes I encounter people who find it hard to imagine that God cares about the little things.  They have felt that God only cares or has time for the big stuff…and the little stuff is just not on His radar.

Well, here’s yet another illustration of God’s overwhelming faithfulness.

A week ago I posted the picture above on my Instagram.

With it I wrote:

Recently I found something crazy-amazing on our local online yard sale.  It would be the perfect {inexpensive} Christmas gift for my little grandtreasure that lives in Africa.  I was giddy!!  But how would I get it there!?  It’s pretty enormous and Dw thought I was looney to even consider it.  But I know how much God loves to provide crazy things because He loves each of us like crazy.  So I prayed and remembered a box that we had in the garage that we had {literally} just gotten.  I measured.  And you guessed it.  I just have to believe  that from the beginning of time our faithful God knew I would need that box and He was orchestrating life to land that enormous hunk of cardboard at our home at the exact time I would need it for my little grand’s Christmas gift.  And in days it will be soaring with Boppa and the #IVOGOTeam2016 toward the little guy I miss so much.  And I know he will be overjoyed when he opens it and across the oceans his Mimi will be welling with tears.  Faithful God.  Oh how He loves to provide.  #Godhasbeensogoodtous  #mimisheartsmiles 

The thing that I didn’t realize when I wrote all that was that the box would be too big to fly.


When we learned that it exceeded the limitations for the airline, we cut the box down to fit most of what was in it.  But there were two long pieces that didn’t fit in the box to begin with.  So we took a really long box and tried to improvise by kind of just wrapping it around to accommodate the two long pieces.  Yet, even in our diligence, the measurements exceeded what the airline website told us.

Dw suggested we forget it!!

WHAT?? All I could think was, “He did not just say that?!”  

Cause in this Mimi’s heart, I could not and would not forget it.  I felt that the Lord had provided this steal-of-a-deal from the online yard sale and that it had been made precisely for one sweet little fella who stole my heart a couple years ago.

Dw conceded.  We would try.  And besides we didn’t know if the measurements meant they wouldn’t take it or we would just pay extra for it to go?

So yesterday morning at the Phoenix Sky Harbor {isn’t that a cute name?? I just love it..Sky Harbor}…we had 11 suitcases and boxes…Ruby’s old wheelchair, Ruby’s old stander…other medical equipment…adult diapers…just all kinds of supplies…

When we arrived at the airline counter the girl wasn’t in the mood for our pile of stuff.  Bless her heart.

But we smiled and talked expecting to warm her up a bit, yet her ice cube self remained frozen solid.  Oh well.

As it turns out the airline website information on the measurements meant that the two very long pieces of plastic were not allowed.  Not a chance. It was not a matter of potentially paying extra, they weren’t going!!

At this point we had been working on getting all the stuff checked in with the airlines that we had taken over an hour.

So for the next 20 minutes we took the box apart and measured the contents.  It was still, no matter how we looked at it, five measly inches over the limit.  It’s not heavy, not thick…and it’s not really breakable…just long.

Dw said, “You’ll have to take it home.”

I could feel the tears welling.

I whispered, “Lord, I really believed you were going to provide a way.  I don’t get it.”

As we gathered our things to head home, the manager, who hadn’t been particularly helpful either at any point suddenly came scurrying over and bent down with what appeared to be her tape measure and pretending to measure, almost shouted, “I don’t know what your problem is, but I get 80″!!  That’s it! Exactly 80″.  Not sure how you measured…”

And with those words, she picked up these narrow, but very long pieces of Little Tikes plastic and handed it to the icy agent at the desk…to which she slapped a tag on it and off it went.

I laughed as I shouted praises to the Lord.

Eighty inches.  That’s what she got when she measured.  

And He came through again!  Just like I knew He would, because He is sooooo faithful.

At the very, very, very, very, very last possible second.   

The little, the big, even the 80″ of the Thomas the Train toddler side rails – He cares about it all.



25 thoughts on “At The Very Last Second She…

    1. He so totally cares!! And you know it full well!! Can’t wait to hug your neck – next summer girlfriend – OR ELSE, I’m going to hunt you down…you can run, but you cannot hide!!

  1. And, there were Angels of the Lord, all around that lil’ blue bed, making sure the Manager heard: “I think I can, I think I can”. And, she did hear. Oh, that Little Engine That Could… Would and Did go to Africa! I LOVE Our Lord! He absolutely knows our every little (and BIG) details, our pleas for things that seem impossible and He hears and Answers. Yep, He Did. <3 Jo

    1. I loved your comment Jo. Truly, she was prompted by God – no doubt!! “I think I will, I must, I think I will, I must!”…and tomorrow it will be set up and that sweet little bundle of joy will be the happiest guy on the continent. He sleeps with a tiny one we sent in his hand. He thinks Thomas is the coolest thing in the whole world…

    1. Thank you Wendy!! I went on the big road trip and was letting it grow. When I returned home, I was so sick of it and told her – hack it off. Which she argued with me {she’s the sweetest little thing} but I was insistent and as soon as she did, I regretted it!! Ha!! So now it is longer again…and I really like it!! xo

  2. I love that story. It just warms my heart. God works in mysterious ways. Maybe DW can take a photo once it is assembled in Africa.

    1. I want him to take a picture – so great idea!! Seriously, it’s exactly the one pictured…and it is BIG…and it will make that little guy giggle and be stunned and Mimi wells at the thought!!

  3. I love reading your posts… and before I went for a nap, I read this article. I closed down the page saying : well God… I am looking for a small note book to fit in the special notebook protection made by a friend. I was able to write 2 years of gratitudes every evening. (4 things I am grateful for).
    For the last two month my search was in vane.
    “God please give me this notebook. I don’t know how but I need it quickly.”
    I got up and went on amazon. I had to order something. I found a note book just a bit too small. It will have to do. So I ordered it and went to visit Facebook.
    Friends were discussing notebooks because they want to take the callenge to do a drawong a day. One friend said “I take the spiral notebook from Rowney”
    I decided I would look up on amazon “rowney”. The first note book I saw looked like the one I had for 2014-15. I scrolled to find the details. Blow my head ! It is the exact size I need !
    Mu daughter has premium service so I called her and asked her to order it for me. Then it dawn on to me : I had my small detail miracle !
    My heart is bouncing with joy !

    1. well… I suppose you don’t approve my comment for a reason or the other.Sorry. I am french and perhaps I haven’t said things well enough to be approved by you.
      Too bad…

      1. Oh noooooo!! I am very grateful for your comment – and please don’t be offended – you must understand – I do not have access to the comments left on any blog post except from my computer, which I am only at sometimes. Caring for Ruby {and the rest} requires my hours, so I definitely am not on my computer often!

        As far as I understand, people who have commented before, and have had their comment approved, do not have to go through approval process should they decide to leave a comment again…so if you should see comments posted, they were posted by people who have previously {on other posts} had comments approved.

        If someone is a new commenter, like yourself, then they wait for me to approve them. But there are some days that I do not even go on at all…so they sit…not intentionally, just because there is only so much of me and some days are just long and hard and exhausting! And some times I just forget – probably because of my silver hair! But I try – because I love my blog friends!!

        Anyway, I am now on and approving comments…and grateful for yours. I hope you will not be offended, now that you know that it was not intentional – I just wasn’t on my computer, since you left your comment, until now. And from now on, your comments should post automatically…at least that’s my understanding. Happy New Year from the desert of Arizona!

    2. I am thrilled at God’s tender love toward you!! Yes, sweet friend – He cares about every single tiny detail of our lives!! What a beautiful reminder it always is – because we realize that when He cares for the tiny things – no doubt, He cares!! Happy New Year Friend!!

      1. Thank you so much. I answered your comment, i suppose in private,
        But the most strange thing happened… I wanted to paste the prayer that I am praying for this year 😉 for you for me for the world
        so I have to come and end my letter here :
        “Lord Jesus, send forth the corn and the wine and the oil. Send forth the early rains… the late rains… and produce a wonderful crop of blessings..”
        (joel ch 2, prayer found on ” Joni and friends” )

        1. oups ! didn’t explain : my mail would not accept me pasting the prayer and I wasn’t able to type a single word or erase or what ever… a strange experience !

        2. I am thankful I was able to email you!! And just like I have been told – your comments now post automatically! Yay!! It was probably that you commented under my old site…which was on blogger. Bless you my friend!

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