Maybe This is For You

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
His mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning;
 great is your faithfulness.  Lamentations 3:22, 23

Yesterday after lunch I found myself deep in thought while cleaning up the table and doing the dishes.  Each week the kids rotate chores {it’s been working so well}, however, as they ran off to play, I just didn’t have the energy to call the one back to do the clean-up.  And truthfully, I actually was enjoying the quiet alone time.

My mind had been pondering some serious matters in the solace.

So many thoughts whirling around as I methodically cleaned our messy kitchen.  And I was completely unaware of life around me.

Heartaches, an expected curve ball, regretful previous decisions – all stealing time in my mind….

When suddenly the Lord whispered one word, “Redemption.”

I paused.

His whisper came so out-of-the-blue, that I was completely taken back.

Redemption is not a word I hear very often and certainly not one I ponder.  Ever.

Although familiar with the meaning, I wanted to look up exactly what it meant, so I grabbed my computer:


1. the action of saving or being saved from sin, error or evil.  Synonyms:  Saving, freeing from sin….”God’s redemption of His people”

2.  the action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment or clearing a debt. Synonyms:  retrieval, recovery, reclamation …



The string of synonyms leapt off the page – ohmygracious!!

Redemption is who He is.

It is not something He did once {as in past tense}…

He is Redeeemer!!

He is Redeeming!!

He is Redemption!!

He is Retrieving!!

He is Recovering!!

He is Reclaiming!  

Redemption is His heart.  It’s Him.  It’s His plan, His purpose and His will.   He is not only THE Redeemer – He is Redemption! 

With a grateful heart I began to quietly praise Him…

Being perfectly vulnerable…off and on for several months I have agonized over a decision in our past.  It cannot be changed.  The decision wasn’t something we’re ashamed of,  just something that we now wonder, “What in the world were we thinking?”


And to be quite honest the torment that has accompanied while reflecting on the decision has taken me by enormous surprise.  I never would have guessed we would have regretted such a basically “everyday” kind of decision with such magnitude.  But we do regret it.  And if we could turn back the clock, we would. But we can’t.  Not even for a second.  I have cried off and on about it all.  Literally grieving.  Who knew?

At the same time, recently and unrelated, life has thrown us a ferocious, unexpected curveball.

And it was these very things that were rattling around in my crowded, very over-tired brain…

So to suddenly hear the word, “Redemption”…I knew it was the Lord speaking.  And after a few minutes of meditating on “Redemption” I felt like the Lord said, “Linny, there are others who need to hear the word, “Redemption”- share it with them!

If you are struggling with some decision in your past or life has just blindsided you, God wants you to know – that He IS Redemption.

He will retrieve, recover, and reclaim anything.  

It’s not just what He does, it’s who He is.

He put the sunrise in the sky to remind us that His mercies are new every single morning.

So while I wait for His redemption of the situations we’re facing and the past decisions that we can’t change,  I choose to praise Him and trust Him…believing that He is working on our behalf:  healing, restoring, retrieving, recovering and reclaiming all that has been lost.

Every single drop – all the way down to the finite vapors.

I pray that you, my friend, can understand the enormity of Him being Redemption for your situation.

He is faithful.

Always, always, always faithful.    sunrise-2004-1481313-1279x1705

I wait with expectancy for His redemption.  Wait with me!  We can trust Him.

17 thoughts on “Maybe This is For You

  1. So, so thankful that He is Redemption! I wrote this on Sunday (and re-posted it on my blog):


    Frankly, I am so ready for a new year. As I look back at the past year, I am thankful that God redeems the most difficult moments and can use all things for His glory, but I am still ready to put 2015 all behind me.

    This morning, I was overjoyed to hear that one of our first graders asked Jesus to be her Savior over Christmas vacation. As she shared this wonderful news with me, I told her I was so excited to be able to spend forever with her in heaven. After this conversation, it hit me: it is not a new year that I am ready for, it is heaven. I am ready for a place with no more sickness and no more tears. I am reminded of Paul’s words in Philippians:

    “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

    Until that day, it is my desire to glorify Christ and to be found faithful.

  2. I think about redemption all the time. There has been so much grief in my life in recent years, and Him redeeming it is my only hope. I have been living in the same chunk of Isaiah for a while now…
    “Do not be afraid, you worm Jacob, little Israel, DO NOT FEAR, FOR I MYSELF WILL HELP YOU,” declares the LORD, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel. (Isaiah 41:14)
    “forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; Do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” (43:18-19)
    “I, even I, am He who comforts you.” (51:12). Chapter 41 on. Just all of it. Thank you for sharing your treasure with us today.

  3. This was soooo for me!!
    I’m also at this moment watching a talk by Beth Moore where she is quoting these amazing life-giving verses. How amazing is our God that He chooses to assure you & speak to me through the video.

    The Lord is faithful. He will redeem & restore. Bless His Name!
    Isaiah 35:4
    Isaiah 44:1-5
    Isaiah 41:18-20

  4. I love when the Lord speaks to us. I’ve been there before. You know it’s Him because there is no way your brain would have come up with that or gone there. Love it!

  5. Linny,
    Once again your post hit the nail on the head. I, too, have been dealing with an issue from the past, and had accepted the Lord’s forgiveness. However, redemption takes it a step further. It’s restoration….reconciliation! Oh…how I praise my Savior for His unfathomable love!

  6. Thank you so much for you sharing your Words of Truth that comfort me also<3. And, no accident that the beach and the ocean are where I receive so much encouragement and rejuvenation from Him<3. Love your pictures, and love your Words from Him!
    God bless you and all your family,
    Brave Bloggy Friend Liz from Virginia

    1. Ohhh LIZ!! I am so happy to hear once again from you – you brave soul you!! Grateful to know that the Lord’s ministry to my heart, ministered to yours as well. I am going to be meditating on REDEMPTION all year…PS We are coming, Lord wiling, back through the area next summer…maybe – if you are BRAVE enough we could all hang out just for fun?? xo

      1. Yes! Yes! Yes! That would be wonderful and fun!!! And, God willing, maybe Lovely Lurker Lady Betsy and Mr. Wade will be there also!!! We love you guys, and thank God for how He uses you and your family to minister to us and to so many!
        God bless you! xoxo!
        ps, I am still laughing at God “shrinking” Thomas the Tank Engine! <3!

        1. Okay!! Let’s pencil it in. And pray us East this summer. We will be in need of some speaking engagements – so pray them in with us!! And tell Lovely Lurker Lady Betsy and Mr. Wade to get ready – cause we’re gonna have a ball and they’ve just gotta come along for the fun!! And they can testify, that coming out of the shadows did not harm their health! haha!! xo

  7. Perfect timing here too — only I am just now reading this, but it’s hit home even more now than it would have when you wrote it… This week, my husband and I got to a point in our marriage where he actually left for 3 days. I was home with our 3 kids by myself and every night, would cry as I showered, wondering what went wrong and what the future held. I learned a lot about sin, a lot about what was actually from the enemy himself, and about redemption. After 3 days, my husband came home and it has been so much better since. We know that we have been forgiven of our wrongdoings in our past, and that our future holds something so much better. Thankful today for God’s grace and redeeming love for us and our marriage!!! Thanks for this post!

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