The Odd One

The other day something too giggly-fun not to mention happened.  I have giggled off and on about it for days now.  Thank you Lord for laughter. 
Several months ago, Emma’s best friend, Destini, from when we pastored in Colorado for almost 8 years, wrote and said she wanted to go with a GO Team, but wondered if it were possible to surprise Emmy?  I’m all about surprises and that sounded perfect!  They had not seen each other in four years {but they do text regularly}!
I didn’t tell a soul, except for Dw of course, because we didn’t want any chance of anyone accidentally spilling the beans.
The GO Teams always have a round-robin email in anticipation of the team getting to know each other before serving together.  I mentioned to Destini that she would need a fake name and a fake email account since Emma is always included in the team emails.
I suggested the name Matilda, to add a bit of flair and mentioned that she could say she just goes by “Millie.”  I personally think it’s an adorable, spunky name!!
The plan was set into motion and Des arrived a couple of days early to hang out with us before take off.  It was so good to see her and have her here.  Emma Skyped in one day and Des had to run and hide to ensure that Emma had zero clue.  
The plan was working out Perrr-fectly!
As Des hung out, I day dreamed of adding a bit of extra intrigue to the whole “surprise Emma” thing.
After all, life is short…why not create some suspense?  So I concocted a plan and Des was game.  Dw just laughed – sure it would be super fun!
As they were flying toward Emma my plan flew {get it??} into gear.
I began texting Emma telling her that Daddy was wondering if Millie could stay with her and Josh {the team is large and everyone was staying nearby}.  She texted me back, “Why?”  I responded, “Daddy says Millie’s a bit odd and thinks she would do better with you.”  I was giggling as I texted her.
She texted wondering what “odd” meant?  I responded, “Well you know we never talk like that {we don’t!} so for Daddy to say it – it must mean something.”
I changed the subject knowing that it would be bugging her and she would still want to talk about it.
She persisted, “But what’s he mean?”
I acted all nonchalant, “I guess, for starters, she keeps her hood up all the time.”
Emma texted back, “Maybe she’s cold.”
To which I responded, “No.  I don’t think it’s that she’s cold.  Daddy just says she’s an odd one.”
 Emma texted, “Well this should be interesting.”
And then in Emma’s sweet understanding and thoughtful ways she said, “Well we will just pray that this time with the team ministers to her soul.”
The next morning Emma was heading to meet the team and called me.  We talked about all kinds of things and as she reached where the team was staying I said, “Hey, let me know what’s up with Millie after you meet her!”  She laughed, “Well there is no way she will have her hood up today – it’s muggy as can be and hotter than anything!”
I was messaging Dw while I was actually having that little conversation with Emma.  I reminded him to remind Des to get her hood up.
I giggled picturing it all.
And here’s what happened…
Emma got to the team as they were eating breakfast and after hugging her daddy she began being introduced to the team.  A precious friend from here in Phoenix is along as well and so that was extra special.
And off to the side, as the introductions were going around, Emma noticed “Millie”, hood up, head turned away, not even caring that there were introductions going on.
Emma laughed and giggled as she later told me that all she could think was, “Wow!  She’s got her hood up!  It’s hot! It’s muggy!  This is awkward.  She IS an odd one!”  
So after no movement from hooded Millie, completely unsuspecting Emma approached her and rather softly spoke, “Ummmm, Millie.  Hi.  I just wanted to introduce myself.  Millie, hey,  I’m Emma.”
To which Destini in one quick swoop pulled her hood down, jumped up and faced her!
Emma stood, mouth gaping, eyes wide, “DES?”
And the tears flowed as laughter overtook them both!!  
What a joyous event!!
Odd Millie and Emmy together again!!
Emma told me later, “You guys got me so good Mom! All I could think was, ‘Millie won’t even turn during introductions!’ Oh Mom!  I was laughing AND crying so hard, my make-up was running mom!!  I had no idea!!  You really, really, really got me!!”
“Laughter is good medicine…”  Proverbs 17:22a

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  1. Oh that just makes my heart sing! What a precious, memorable and FUN treat for two beautiful girls! Thanks so much for sharing the excitement, Linny!

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