Pearl’s Update

For those unfamiliar with Ch*nese adoption, not long before traveling to bring home your treasure(s), an update is often sent complete with measurements, etc. The other day I posted pictures we had received of Vernon…such joy to our hearts while waiting to go!!

And Pearl’s update has come too!!  We were even sent some videos!

Kinda’ thought you guys would love a peek!! 

Wu Xiao Min2016-1-22

I am pretty sure in the picture below Pearl is saying,

“Mommy!  Mommy!  Seriously??  What could possibly be taking you soooo long?? Hurry up!!” Wu Xiao Min1 2016-1-22

Precious Pearl has no idea that she will soon be in her mama’s arms – FOREVER!!



9 thoughts on “Pearl’s Update

  1. Hello Linny
    Each day I hope that we get an update form you! LOVE seeing the day getting closer when Pearl and Vernon come home to you! Really, we are SO excited for your family. We really hope we can meet you sometime- Dwight was a great GO Team Leader!

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