Another One…

Last week I wrote about how the Lord provided a lightweight, basically brand new small wheelchair for $26. to bring Vernon home in.  I mean.  Is God good or what?

And since people always wonder aloud how we afford to do what we do…here’s just one more story of the beautiful provision of God!

Many of you will remember how when we looked at this completely handicap accessible home 18 months ago there were several grip bars in the kids bathroom.  Crazy, but true!!

Think about it, how many times have you seen grip bars in a kids bathroom when you are looking for a new home? Right?

Back when we were looking at our home, I stood staring at the grip bars gracing the kid’s bathroom walls and the Lord so clearly whispered, “Those are for one yet to come.”   Don’t you just love when He whispers surprises to you? I was giddy.

So as the days have approached to bringing Vernon home, I have been thinking about the bathroom situation…and realizing that the kid’s bathroom is kind of tight, especially when maneuvering a wheelchair.

BUT there is a powder room right across the hall from the boys bathroom.  The door to the powder room is wide and much more conducive really to maneuvering a wheelchair….I mentioned to Dw that I thought we ought to put a grip bar in there as well.  He agreed.

No doubt, in all of this we have been praying diligently that the Lord would supply for every need!

As we’ve continued to ready ourselves for Pearl and Vernon’s arrival I have been looking through the house to sell everything I can find on our little community online yard sale.  We live in simplicity, so I haven’t found much, but I did find a Nordic Ware heart shaped muffin panIMG_8254I reasoned we didn’t really need it.  So I posted it for $5.

Imagine the look on my face when, one day, I saw the grip bar below on the online yard sale site! It was brand new – still in the package!!   I also noticed it had been there for some time so I wrote to the woman selling it and asked if she would be willing to take $5.  She said she would!  Yippee Jesus!

Before I went to pick up the grip bar, I noticed that this same grip-bar-seller had “liked” the heart shaped pan I had for sale.  I wrote her again, “Any chance you would want to swap the heart shaped muffin pan for the grip bar? It’s okay if you don’t.”

I giggled when I saw her response – “YES!”

And so that is exactly how our faithful God provides for every single one of our needs.

This time without even an exchange of money!!

FullSizeRenderAnd this is just one more story for our Memorial Box.

The background behind our Memorial Box…DSC07526

In the Old Testament God told the Israelites to gather stones and build a Memorial as a constant reminder of His deliberate and direct intervention in their lives. The Israelites were to tell their children the story represented by the stones
over and over and over, so in turn their children would tell their children over and over and over.
Because God knew how easy it is for us humans to forget what He has done in our lives. We are a very forgetful bunch!  We can celebrate His faithfulness one minute and in seemingly the next breath, we can fall into hopeless despair, wringing our hands and wondering what are ‘we’ going to do – completely forgetting all that He has already done.
Yet when we intentionally spend time celebrating the personal stories of our lives, the memories are kept fresh, alive and faith is built.
In our home we have a giant box, prominently displayed. It is filled with little trinkets:  each representing a story of
God’s provision, God’s healing, God’s protection, God’s intervention. All representing God’s faithfulness.  Often on family nights we will take a little trinket out and tell the story represented by that symbol to our children, keeping the memory alive and celebrating the faithfulness of Almighty God.
Tell the stories friends.  Tell them.  We all need to hear each other’s stories of how faithful our God is!!

3 thoughts on “Another One…

  1. Hi, Linny! In your last Memorial Box post I believe you mentioned that you were looking for more Memorial Boxes and had found one. Are you planning to have another auction any time in the near future? Maybe not since you’re hoping to leave for Ch*na SOON, but I thought I’d ask. I’m looking for one to give to my sister. <3

    1. Hey Lonni!! I have several to sell. I just have to get them ready. I would like to have another auction! Just trying to figure out how/when – maybe this week-end…with time to pack it up by mid-week?!! You are the second person who has said they are looking for one!

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