Celebrating with a Giveaway!!


One week ago just about now, I posted advocating for a family for Cai.  I asked if you all would help me.  From my Facebook post, I can see that it was shared 61 times!!  And because of privacy settings my guess is that it was, perhaps, even shared more.

I am overjoyed to tears to report to you, that within hours of that post, a tenderhearted man, who did not appear to have adoption on his radar, watched Cai’s video and came to his wife and said, “He’s ours. I can tell. He’s supposed to be with us.”

SongWangCai (1) (1)

They were concerned that their age might be a factor – I assured them that for aging out treasures, China’s heart is very open!!

Of course, there was paperwork to begin, his file to look through and then the wait from the agency…but I am happy to report that a totally-not-expecting-to-adopt-daddy and ever-praying-for-another-momma have been officially matched with handsome Cai!!

Just like that!!

And friends there are three extremely important things that bear mentioning:

1.  If Cai’s host family had not hosted, there would be no video or report of just how wonderful Cai is.  The host family weren’t the ones to adopt him and that’s okay.  They saw their mission as the ones to host and advocate for a family for him!!  Hosting works!!  

2.  If people who heard Cai’s story had not advocated for him, his future daddy would have never seen a video of precious Cai and his heart would not have been tugged.  We cannot shrink back from advocating for treasures – no matter what!

3.  The “expectant” momma has prayed for forever for another.  She’s prayed for God to stir her husband’s heart, knowing from a human standpoint it was “a long shot”.  She never gave up.  God hears.  He answers.  He loves the orphan more than we can ever imagine.  He sets the lonely in families.  He is always faithful. 

An extremely beautiful part of this story is that we know this family.  They are dear friends.  I never would have guessed they would be the ones to say “Yes!” to Cai.  And we will one day get to meet this precious young man!!  How amazingly giddy that thought makes me!!

Such joyous news this Sunday evening!!

So we have to celebrate!!



I brought a little something kinda’ crazy-fun home from China with me.  I wanted to share it you, my faithful friends but couldn’t think of how to.  So today’s the day!!

I found these yummy Honey-dipped Fried Chicken Feet in China and was actually kinda’ giggling, thinking immediately of you guys.  Many of you will not have the joy of visiting a Walmart in China…so I brought some home with me – ya’ know – to share!!


And if you are not sure you are up for it, you can always use this tasty treat as a “gag” gift.  [Pun intended!!]

I have EIGHT small individualized packages!!  What yummy-fun is that??

So here’s how to win one for yourself or someone you love!! It could even be used for a stocking stuffer.  *giggle*

The plan is:  I will be randomly picking 8 people from friends who leave a comment on the blog or Facebook.  To enter the giveaway, just share in the comment section of the blog or Facebook or Instagram share the joy of Cai’s family find him or something you are hoping to do this summer!!  And 8 friends will soon have this yummy treat speeding your way from my home to yours!!

And friends, for real…

Whether hosting or advocating together, we truly are the Voice of the Orphan!!  How we praise the name of the Lord!!  Celebrate with us!!



20 thoughts on “Celebrating with a Giveaway!!

  1. I am beyond ecstatic for Cai!!! Even though I have adopted many children over the years, I never tire of that feeling of joy in adoption.

    This warms my heart.

  2. Oh my gravy that is funny stuff!
    One thing I am hoping to do this summer….sell our house and find the one the Lord has meant for our big-ol-family!

  3. This makes me so happy! God is moving and working! And I love the prize! We saw so many strange foods in China! So fun!

  4. The host family share a wonderful story of Cai. Praise God for he is so good! When I read of their time with Cai my heart wonder could we have the honor of being a host family? So happy for Cai he is forever in my heart…

  5. I cried when I saw your post tonight…what a beautiful answer to prayer! My heart is celebrating that yet another waiting child has found his family.

  6. I am so so so happy for Cai!!! I heard about his story a while back and watched his video…I am so happy that he has found his home! We are hoping to adopt as well and I have been praying for things to unfold and a clear path to be presented…the waiting is hard. Your blog is an inspiration to me and I enjoy reading it so much. Thank you! – by the way, we would totally love to get the chicken feet!!! 😀

  7. I am beyond happy that Cai now has a family and it is through God’s grace and the Holy Spirit stirring hearts! I just want to jump up and down with giddiness! Praise Jesus!

  8. I love this! I love seeing His work through the hosting program and advocating. Pure joy. Thank you 🙂

  9. Amazing!! We’re not at a place to adopt right now, but I pray for each of these children I see. Praying for a smooth and quick process to get Cai home. Also, my 5 year old son would LOVE to try the chicken feet! Me too actually. 🙂

  10. Whohooo! yay for Cai and his family! This is awesome news! Yay for the advocate. ONe less orphan in the world! And as far as the chicken feet…..headed out to the Walmart in Chongqing China in a little while – not on my grocery list! And Linny, if you and family or any other adoption friends are ever in Chongqing, I would be happy to take anyone out to hot pot! Many blessings to you!

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