Big Events for Everyone….

There’s big some mighty big events in our family lately…IMG_8147-3On Saturday Dw asked me when Ruby lost her tooth.  I thought he was kidding.  He wasn’t.  It was the bottom that was gone and I couldn’t believe it! It had been there the night before when I brushed her teeth.

Both top are loose and so he gave the one a hand yesterday with a little yank and now she has one on top and one on bottom gone.  And doesn’t she just look adorable? She seems pretty proud of herself and smiled really big for Emma on Skype…I mean.  She’s almost SIX!!

IMG_9981Little Miss PearlyBee {who we seem to be actually calling Birdie most of the time} continues to be adjusting and bonding…she was grinning at me the other day at the park and even attempted a kiss through the bars…


Vern’s working hard on his English and has said a few sentences.  He’s also fallen a few times around the house.  Makes us so cognizant of all the struggles that those with broken bodies have.  IMG_9987

And four happy siblings were able to get their yellow belts in Kee-Ill-Kai the other day.  They each broke their first board too!  Their instructor said one of them is a total natural at it.  Any guesses which one??


So initiating kisses and first sentences in English and yellow belts and losing teeth…

Sure do love this little rag-tag pile of treasures…

Winners announced next post for the delectable Honey-Dipped Chicken feet.  Stay tuned!!

5 thoughts on “Big Events for Everyone….

  1. I am just finishing the book about Ruby…such a moving story!!
    I so adore your family, and have given much thought to all the different life situations , crisis, love encounters, miracles and Gods faithfulness.
    I am so blessed to know your family…you are truly all Ruby’s, shining bright in our midst!

  2. Sounds like big news all around.
    The previous post about Cai–wonderful!! But, I didn’t want to post there and risk being a “winner” 🙂 Will let the chances be better for someone braver than me!

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