Pretty Sure It Went Something Like This

Don’t you love those dog movies where the dogs “talk”?  You know, like the old “Homeward Bound”?  They always just kinda’ make us all laugh.  So with that in mind…maybe you need a pick-me-up today.

The other day we set our two little jewels down to take some pictures in their matching sundresses and captured life as it happens here.

We think they tell a story…and we’re pretty sure it went something like this:

PearlyBee:  “Are you kidding me?  I’m not sitting next to her.  The last time I got this close I whacked her across the head! What if Ruby seizes the chance to whack me?  I’m not sticking around for that!”IMG_7841Pearly Bee:  “Wait!! What did you say, Mom? You really think we need to friends cause we’re sisters??  Oh Mom!! You’re hysterical!  Hey RubyRoo!! Did you hear Mommy? She thinks we have to be friends!  She says it’s what sisters do.  Ruby!! Mommy’s really crazy!!”IMG_7844

RubyRoo:  “Oh my gracious!! PearlyBee you haven’t figured it out yet?  Mom’s wild and she definitely is crazy!! Wait till you see the stuff she does!!”IMG_7853

RubyRoo:  “And actually while I’ve got ya’ cornered, I just want you to know that this very second I have the chance to whack you good and hard.  I could actually kinda’ make it look like an accident, cause you know, I’m a quadriplegic!! But PearlyBee I love you too much!!  I was so excited you were comin’ home!  I even told mommy, when she asked me, ‘Yup!  Yup! Yup!’  In fact I’m gonna’ prove to you just how much I love you by not whacking you although I sorta feel like doing it!!  And you may think mommy is being silly but she’s right!! We are gonna’ be BFFs cause mommy’s praying and you might as well give up.  Mommy says when people pray – God moves. For reals!!”   IMG_7852

Pearly:  “Wow, Ruby!! You had the chance to whack me and you didn’t?  What the heck?? Listen up everybody!!  Did you hear that?  Ruby didn’t whack me when she had the chance even though she wanted to sorta!! And I know I would have totally deserved it.  Maybe this sister-thing, all the lovin’-stuff and this family-thing might be pretty amazing after all.”IMG_7860

Pearly:  “I think I might just really love you guys!”


Ruby:  “Hey!! This is so much fun, let’s play…I’ll take my monkey and you play with your dolly!  Oh I love you PearlyBee!!  And by the way, rain or shine, my monkey is my fav!!


Pearly:  “Look at my dolly!!  She is so sweet –  just like you Ruby!!”

IMG_7880Pearly:  “I can’t believe life can be this wonderful!!  My sister loves me even after I whacked her and we’re gonna’ be Best Friends Forever!!!”IMG_7871

True story.

16 thoughts on “Pretty Sure It Went Something Like This

  1. Those two are adorable and I love the “chatter”. I’m sure it went “exactly” like that too.

    1. Come on, weren’t they cute together? Yesterday Pearly was trying to “fasten Ruby’s diaper” …I was right there cause I can’t trust her [yet] but it was cute…like she’s helping take care of Ruby…pretty sweet.

    1. Haha!! I love that you, Laura, have the same “conversations” at your house. We really do have a good laugh about what we think these two little ones might be saying. Especially Pearly. She’s got some looks that are worth a thousand words!!

  2. URGENT prayer request – please.

    Please pray for my daughter. She is at MD Anderson – but not for cancer. I’ll post the story later today. She’s waiting for her 12.15 appt. and is in horrific brain pain. It looks like a spinal fluid leak after recent brain surgery. Linny has taught us to pray specifically (even heart shaped swimming pools!). Would you join me in praying that the Dr will see what horrid pain she is in and admit her to the hospital to finish tests or begin treatment. Not refer her out to somebody else.

    1. BethAnn, – I am just seeing this now. Several of us {including me} have been sick..

      Anyway, I will pray and I will ask the Knee Team to pray…If you have updated prayer requests, you can send them directly to The Knee Team is a group of ladies around the world who have committed to pray for the needs that are brought to us!

      Please update when you are able.

  3. Loved the conversation. It made my day! Your jewels are precious indeed – truly gifts from God. (as are all children….)

  4. Love it!!! Looks like Ruby’s winning her over 🙂 Not that I’m surprised… With that smile (and the laughter I’m assuming went with it), I’m sure there is not a heart she could not soften. Two of the world’s most beautiful jewels you’ve got right there! How very blessed you are.

    1. You’re sweet Andrea. They are becoming friends…I think it has helped a ton that I am baby wearing Pearl more and now she is “helping” me care for Ruby. It’s really sweet. I have to think she wondered what her place was when she arrived home with Ruby needing 24/7 care. But slowly…slowly…slowly life is becoming our new normal. xo

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