35 Seconds of Sheer Joy!

Just before heading to Uganda Emma had mentioned that Bethany had requested to have a watch of her own.  She had seen someone with one and thought she should have one too. After all, she is 12 years old!

As it turns out, Bethany is one of the oldest girls at The Gem Foundation.  She has severe CP which makes her mobility very limited and leaves her with a difficult time verbally.  Yet, in spite of her struggles, she has a ready smile for anyone she meets.  Her joy oozes!! In fact she’s one of those people “who has never met a stranger!”  Her joy is contagious!!


Why would I miss this opportunity to remind Bethany just how much our family loves her?   I asked Liberty and her friend, Emily, if they could go search for one that I could take.  She texted me a few pictures and we finally decided on one.

My first day at The Gem I couldn’t wait for Bethany to come home from school.

And this video captures her perfectly!!


“Hey Mikey, I think she like it!”

Happy Saturday from Uganda!

12 thoughts on “35 Seconds of Sheer Joy!

  1. Beautiful!! When my son was small he used to do something like that – a fully-body non-verbal “yes yes yes!!” We loved it, and kind of missed it when he started to talk more.

    1. It was such fun to watch her see it!! My gracious! The joy, even though non-verbal, is something that can’t be duplicated – full body says it all! Love that you know what we mean!! xoxo

  2. Oh the JOY!!!! That blessed my day so much! But seriously, how do you not cry in all these sweet blessings of moments you post?? My eyeballs turn in to faucets every. stinkin’. time. The mom in the bathroom, Birdie’s sweet little leg lovin’, Graham carrying Vern. Every time. I’m such a mess… lol As always, thank you for sharing, Linny!

    1. And now the overly-analytical side of me kicks in and I think “Oh my lands! I hope she doesn’t think that I think there’s something wrong with her for NOT crying! Because that is SO NOT what I meant.” 😳 Like I said, total mess right here. With a capital M-E-S-S!! Can I blame it on sleep deprivation and quitting coffee? 😂

  3. As you learned when I met you in Prescott, Linny; my heart is Special Kids! Oh my gosh, I love her, I love her! Bethany’s PURE JOY and GRATITUDE is so infectious, so life-affirming, and heart-breaking as much as it is heart-warming! Thank you for sharing this beautiful 35 seconds with us. Oh for the simple JOY of Jesus’ Love shed abroad in our hearts. I will be going to bed soon, with lots of tears…for this sweet, precious child, and all the Gems in the entire world… I continue to hope and pray that I can come into another season of being a nurse/mama/Gramma again! Bless Your Hearts!

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