Emma and Josh

About to climb into bed over here in Africa.  The days are full and the nights are short and I am so very, very grateful to be here!  I’ve missed everything about it!!

I know that I only speak for the missionaries that are ours, but the life they live, day in and day out is so different.  Even though I’ve been here so many times I’ve lost count, I love the thrill of everything about it all over again.   The Gems, their staff, all the sounds, the precious people, crowded streets, little shops, tiny vegetable stands, even the crazy traffic jams, I can’t get enough of it!!  I don’t wanna’ sleep…I want to soak it all in – again and again!

The other night Emma and I walked to a vegetable stand nearby.  It was tucked in a bit and I hadn’t even noticed it until Emma walked toward it. Sweetest little lady shopkeeper. Lovely stand.  I asked her if I could take a picture of it’s beauty against the brick wall.  She blushed and laughed as she nodded an embarrassed ‘yes’.  The old brick was amazing.

Seriously this here momma of many who would love to pick everything up and go live off the grid loves the simple beauty.  This simplicity is probably almost impossible to imitate in the West.


Here at the Gem the wifi is not always available and actually I almost consider that another perk.  I mean it’s been sweet without.

Last night I was washing dishes while Emma tended to needs in another room.  Josh was outside working with a welder fixing something when suddenly the power went out everywhere!

I have always heard people say, “It was so dark I couldn’t see my hand in front of me.”  I can’t recall a time where I’ve ever experienced that.  Until last night.  And me-oh-my, all I could think was, “Oh, so this is what they were talking about!!”


Yet not a complaint from Emmy or Josh.  Not even the mention of it.  Just a search for some candles and a match and on went the chores with sweet conversation.

They are my true heroes!!

I was thinking about the ‘normalcy’ of the inconveniences and realized that when Emma and Josh’s days are filled with the life-threatening health needs of many of their Gems, financial concerns, huge decisions…no wonder the power being out, the wifi being out, the fans not working seem so trivial and not worth mentioning.   

IMG_5952Oh that we would learn to take what most would consider inconveniences in stride and be thankful.

Obviously Emma and Josh are just one couple amongst thousands of missionaries serving the Lord around the world.  Would you pray for the missionaries  you know who are serving others so diligently?  Pray that God would protect, encourage, give wisdom, strength, provision as well as give them grace upon grace far from the family who loves them so?

Throughout the couple of days here I’ve seen so many authentic needs and I’ve wondered how many are praying with us for them? Would you consider becoming a prayer partner of The Gem?  If you ever wonder if your prayers are wasted, I assure you, they are not.  They are needed continually!!

So thank you to all who do pray regularly.

I, as a missionary mom, am so very, very grateful.

6 thoughts on “Emma and Josh

  1. This post is definitely a favorite of mine, Linny. Thanks for the reminder, admonition and spurring on. Love to you and yours!

    1. Thank you Danica. You are a precious woman of God and I am grateful for your kind words. Facebook was relatively silent which probably means that some felt a bit ‘ouchy’. I couldn’t not write it. I was in awe. And by the way, one word this winter: Phoenix!! Come on. You know you want to. xoxo

  2. Oh I’m so glad you’re getting to visit the Gem! And such a good reminder. We were without power for a couple days after Hurricane Matthew passed by, and it was kind of nice. Not in the adventurous exciting way that I used to view them as a kid–with 3 1/2 in diapers, I like my washing machine to be able to run!–but in a “focused” kind of way. Most nights I stand in my kitchen washing dishes and I’m amazed and SO grateful that I have clean drinking water running right INTO my house, but doing it in the quiet by torchlight brings a whole new level of clarity. A couple weeks before Matthew, an electrical storm took down power at the water plant, and we had a boil-water notice for a few days. It was great practice for storms but also a great reminder to pray even more for those without access to clean water.

  3. It’s so so easy to take so much for granted. Thank you for the reminder. So thankful for those that God has equipped to serve so faithfully and with such joyful hearts. Praying for all of the gems!

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