The Winners Are…

What a joy to read the responses to And Now Our Lives Will Never Be the Same!  I cannot emphasize it enough – you must read Brother Andrew’s story!!  Then hurry and read the other YWAM books!  Anyone who wants to make a difference with their lives will be encouraged, strengthened and challenged by the fortitude of these spectacular Heroes of the Faith!

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Yesterday we started the Mildred Cable book in the same series (by Geoff and Janet Benge).  Unbelievable!! Seriously!! I was already crying by chapter 3 as I read it aloud to the kids.  The life some have chosen to live for Jesus leaves my mouth gaping!

And I just want to clarify, at this time, we are not sharing what God is directing us to do.  The point of the previous post was to encourage others to read the book and get out of comfortable!  children-of-ecuador-11-1438709

We are moving forward with His plans for our family and we all are very excited for what the future holds!  Life is very, very short and we strive to serve Him with our whole heart, honor Him in all we do and not look back with even one regret!!


Thank you all for commenting and thank you to those who shared the post!

My sincere prayer is that those who didn’t win a book will buy the book and read it asap!!

Brother Andrew

Congratulations to:

Sophia Louise

Kim Shafer

Kim Franks

Allyssa  (who happens to be in med school – how cool is that?)

Dense loiselle


Friends – Please send me an email with your address and Lord wiling, I will ship these out in the next week.    Subject:  I won!!


Special thanks to my sweet friend who generously donated the books! You’re always such a blessing to me! xo

Oh friends, may we never settle for “comfortable”!! May we never look to be “done” serving because “we’ve already done our share”.  May we never ever think that someone else can do something that we have within our power to do!  

My prayer:  Lord, help me to have the courage to surrender daily my will to yours. Each moment of each day may my life be so radical that those around me will always and only ever see you Jesus.  Only you. 



7 thoughts on “The Winners Are…

  1. Praying these books will touch many more people then the 5 who are getting them. Books can be shared over and over !!!
    Congratulations to the winners ! ❤️

  2. Dear Linny,

    Thank you for sharing this series. I found the books on Amazon. You are totally right that life is too short. So many people in the world need help. Millions are starving to death and the refugee crisis is the worst since World War II. Everyone can make a difference. Just start small.

  3. Thanks for this post. My husband and are are talking about doing something way out of our comfort zone. More than talking, moving forward in slow ways. But some days the heaviness of what we are taking on gets the best of me and I cry out to God with fear and “Is this really something we can handle, I can handle!” It all sounds so scary. But every day is new and we inch forward. Thanks for writing this.

  4. I tried my local Christian book store and picked up three of them; they didn’t have the Brother Andrew book but I just finished “Hudson Taylor: Deep in the Heart of China” and am passing it on to my daughter to read and starting the next one. I will eventually find the Brother Andrew book. I’m thinking a letter to Janet and Geoff might inspire them to write Emma’s story.

    1. Ahhhh, you are precious to even say that and yes, that would be amazing if they would write Emma’s story. Not many know they are called at 6.5 years old…and move to a foreign land at 19 and now have 29 children in their care and are a model home for this country! God’s grace, provision and faithfulness have been all over her life…and we cannot thank Him enough!! xo

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