What a Difference!!

A year ago today was Leap Year and Liberty and I were in China.

It was one of the fourteen most monumental days in our lives as a short little princess walked (okay, so it was against her will) into our lives.

Thinking back to China I cannot help but smile and rejoice at all God has done!!  I remind myself, “You’ve come a long way baby!” Thank you Jesus!


This week was Vern’s celebration of his coming into our lives forever as well.  He and I were talking about it all.  I told him how I couldn’t sleep the night before I met him.  How I had stayed awake praying for his brave heart and all the changes he was about to endure.  I also told how I was kinda’ scared that maybe he would not like me.  He tenderly looked at me and said, “Mom, I love you soooo much!”   How this smiley son of ours warms my heart!  Adopting an aging out son in a wheelchair?   One of the best decisions ever!  

I mean.  Look at him!


I don’t think I ever shared our actual meeting.

This son is such a beautiful blessing, broken body and all.  And truly #wheelchairsarentscary !

Of course with Birdie, I really wasn’t sure what to expect when it came time to meet her.  I definitely did not envision her seeing me, doing a complete 190 degree turn and walking in the opposite direction!

Bless her little broken heart!  I’m pretty sure she was saying, “Yeah, no thanks. I didn’t sign up for this woman.  She’s smiling and that’s annoying me already.  She probably doesn’t even know how to make rice! And she’s got silver hair, what the heck? Are you serious?”  

IMG_7523 (1)

IMG_7525 (1)


Cause the entire time in China with me she was all:




Thankfully Liberty was with me and helped get us home without Birdie screaming the entire way!

Anyway, what a difference a really long year makes.  Somewhere in that year, Birdie’s icy heart began to melt away…and ever so slowly she opened it up to all of us….

Oh the joy of now hearing her calling, “Mom! Mom! Mom!” when she’s hungry, having her run to me for comfort and giggle hysterically when she’s played with by even me!

Her smiles come easily finally, her joy is wide open, she hugs freely and her raspy giggle makes us all giggle.  She’s a hoot!!  She loves Ruby and always wants to help with her!   Well almost always, except when she hits her with a toy for good measure, no doubt. And Ruby really loves her, except when she bites Birdie’s finger.  But they are total best buddies!  They share a room and some nights I can hear them both carrying on squealing and giggling and it makes me smile big.

The Lord has been so good to us!

IMG_0823 IMG_2519 IMG_0027

Adoption is not always easy.  Some people would think a 14 year old would be the complicated one and the 3 year old would be a piece of cake.  All I can say is that after eleven adoptions there are no guarantees of anything but sweet joy when you stick it out!  Which kinda’ reminds me of birthing children.  There are no guarantees of anything, even if we like to trick ourselves into thinking it will be all roses and sunshine.

In the end, we do our best, we pour out love unconditionally and we pray extra hard (sometimes with fasting!)!

Which all reminds me of how God loves us: Unconditionally, lavishly, generously.  He is so faithful and He always hears our prayers and He does answer them!

What a difference a year makes.

2 thoughts on “What a Difference!!

  1. Wow!! Birdie doesn’t even look like the same child. It’s obvious that a family was exactly what she needed. Such a beautiful start to my day to see Birdie and Vern’s family anniversary!

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