A Voice from Cabin #2

One day while preparing to head to Africa for a visit with Emma she mentioned, “Mom, we’ve wanted to take you on a safari, but you’ve never let us.  This time we won’t be taking ‘no’ for an answer. You are going! So plan on it!”  It made me smile.

It’s true, I’ve been to Uganda many, many times, but had never gone on a safari.  I know how hard Emma and Josh work.  The last thing they need is to do something for me – I’d much rather do something for them – like send them away while I hold the fort down!!

Since Emma was being very bossy insistent I decided to settle back and enjoy the beautiful adventure.  I will share pictures from the safari and hippo-spotting boat ride in a couple of days but first, something completely unexpected happened while staying at the lodge.  It was just too extraordinary and sweet not to mention.

The second and final evening at the cabin we had headed to bed early as the day had been filled with lions, giraffes, elephants and far too many species of crazy looking animals to even remember!  Although Emma and Josh had gone up to the loft to sleep, I had decided I wanted to spend some whisper-time with the Lord.  There is little as peaceful as being surrounded by the wilderness-and-woods-quiet with full screens open to hear the Lord whisper!!!

Our cabin was surrounded by thick, high desert brush.  At one point I could hear the hippos chewing the grass and brush surrounding us. I’m pretty sure if I had ventured to the porch I would have been able to pet him.  It was a crazy-amazing thrill!!

Murchison River Lodge Inside


As it turns out the African-safari cabin light above my bed was very, very dim.  It was almost like candlelight.  I strained in the darkness to read my Bible. Before too long I became struck with a passage that I have read many times – but this time it jumped out at me.  I sat meditating on the passage and pondering what it meant for me at this juncture in my life.  I was praying and whispering and listening to Him.  The time was invaluable.

candle-light-reading-1-1056019As I finished up and was about to begin settling in for some sleep, I suddenly heard something.  What was it? Someone talking? Perhaps even having a conversation?   But no, it actually just sounded like one voice.  It was then that I realized that it was a lone man’s voice that was filling the still night air.  It kind of surprised me since it was off-season and I hadn’t noticed that anyone was even staying nearby.

What seemed even more strange was that the voice was so soothing to my soul!  There was complete peace in my heart as the man continued on reading aloud under the night sky beside the Nile River.  The voice was calm and gentle.  What could he be reading?   I climbed out from under the mosquito net to listen better.  I then paused to listen and suddenly I heard it,

‘The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1

Oh my gracious!! He was calmly reading the Bible aloud.  The Holy, inerrant word of God was echoing throughout the night.  I stood praising the Lord.  The Lord’s whispers to me were continuing through an unknown camper in another cabin, who was reading the word of God quietly aloud.  I still stand amazed!!



Oh friends, it was an extraordinarily beautiful and completely unexpected moment.  A dark night sky beside the , a complete stranger in a cabin that I never saw and have no idea who he is.  And yet another confirmation that the Lord is always orchestrating simple pleasures and sweet blessings in our lives  – even in faraway and very remote places!.

For those curious and wondering…the next morning I never saw anyone from Cabin #2.  Perhaps he was even an angel!! #notkidding


12 thoughts on “A Voice from Cabin #2

  1. Amazing God inspired beautiful synopsis of a night touched by Him to give you assurance of his protection. I remember laying awake under a tent in Niger and in my trembling in an unknown place with unfamiliar people God calmed me and whispered me to sleep. God is good!

    1. Well I probably didn’t convey that I wasn’t scared at all, but the word aloud ministered to me in light of what the Lord had spoken. He was laying out some of our future…and so the word was calming…it was just so remarkably beautiful!! I love that you have been to Niger and slept in a tent!! Bless you my friend!!

  2. This is a very special verse for me, too! How special that God spoke it to you in the middle of a dark African night!
    Sandy in the UK

    1. Well I probably didn’t convey it well, but truly I wasn’t scared at all, but the word aloud ministered to me in light of what the Lord had just spoken. He was laying out some of our future…and so the word was calming…it was just so remarkably beautiful! I tried to write it to make that understood, but maybe I just wasn’t able. Somehow the words come easily now!! It is a wonderful verse. Such a very precious promise! Bless you my friend!!

  3. Chills–because I can put myself there as we were in Africa and this brought it all back–could very well have been an angel sighting–love it!! –Come home now : ). We want to see you here : )

  4. Oh, I love this story so much! Yes, it was probably an angel of the Lord ministering to your heart. What a sweet gift from the Lord. He is so good! Blessings to you!

  5. THIS IS SERIOUSLY AMAAAAAZING. <333 Betcha it was an angel you heard!! I wanna see more posts about your adventures in Africa!!!! (Emma's really doing AH-MAZING work down there <333)

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