What a privilege it was to be able to go on a safari after all these trips to Uganda!  I just had to share the pics with you all!! Here’s a snippet:IMG_0978IMG_1151IMG_1200

Giraffes are a personal fav of mine.  Look at how majestic they are!



The wart hogs were adorable.  I giggled whenever I saw them running.  They just strike me funny!


And finding a mama elephant crossing the road with her baby??  I’m serious!! Aren’t they just dang-adorable??  What a joy to this mama who loves her babies too!!


We were told that there had not been any lion spottings in over a week.  Of course we prayed and we happened upon this cute little fellow.   I snapped the picture from about 20′ away inside Josh and Emma’s car.  Isn’t he beautiful??  We were thrilled that the Lord had answered our prayers!!


A few hours later our guide got a radio call that there was another lion spotting…

A mama and her 2 babies.  Kinda’ hard to see the two, but you can definitely see the spots on one of them!




Later we went on a Nile River Hippo and Crocodile spotting boat ride.  I’m not sure what exactly that meant, as we could clearly spot them from the shore – haha!  (Oh my!)  I admit, it was a bit unsettling seeing them so close…since the hippo is the most deadly animals in Africa.


Their eyes were creeping me out. Big time.  But when this one rose out of the water not all that far from us?? IMG_1293The guide told us that the hippos and crocs are everywhere.  Seriously.  I have shivers typing that and it’s days later!


And sure enough there were crocs at different spots along the shore.

Crazy thing…I was snapping pictures – couldn’t wait to share them with my family back home…and when I uploaded them to my computer I found that I had actually snapped a pic of the croc with his mouth open.   Score!  “Look at them snappa’s!”  IMG_1311


Not kidding.  Living in Phoenix has many perks:  (1) Sandals 99% of the year.  (2) Hot weather – bring it on!  (3) Sunshine and blue skies almost every single day.  (4) Sweetest people around.  (5) No crocs or hippos ever.  Ever. Ever. Ever. 




4 thoughts on “Safari!!

  1. So glad you got to experience it–did you have a guide as well? Looking forward to talking when you get back.

    1. Yes!! Josh drove their Land Cruiser (that thing is crazy!! God provided it used from another missionary – such a God-story!) and we hired a guide at the park entrance. You will be fined for going off-road unless a guide is in the car with you. She was super sweet and very knowledgeable. She gave them her phone number to use again…and they have said when Dw goes next month they are taking him. Not sure if that will work, but one day!! xo

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