Of Course She’s Giddy – She’s 7!!

IMG_2243This sweet miracle-chica of ours was beside herself when we opened her bedroom door on the morning of June 16th! We had told her as we put her to bed the night before that it was her birthday in the morning!  Don’t get me wrong, normal squealing is part of her “Dad or Mom just opened the door and it’s time to get up” routine, but this was wildly different!  She was squealing like craaazy!!

Dw and I had gone in together and we kept laughing!  She was beside herself!  We sang immediately and she continued to squeal through it all.  When we stopped, she started humming, “Happy Birthday to you” on her own!

There would never be a doubt that she was thrilled it was her birthday!

Just like everyone else, she had breakfast in bed! After all, it’s tradition!

IMG_2250An orange and some of Mommy’s Pumpkin Coconut bars – which Ruby definitely thinks are deeeelish!


It is hard to believe that this little broken-bodied treasure is already 7.  But she is!  So much for all of us to celebrate!  We wanted her to know from start to finish that she is a treasure, a blessing and we are over-the-moon thrilled that she is ours!

Her favorite birthday present – a little pool to play in while the big kids swim in the big pool!  She stayed in her new pool for three hours on her birthday!  Not kidding.  It was a  hit!





Birdie thought the pool was the best thing ever as well!!  We were laughing as they poured water on each other! Yes, even Ruby is able to reach a cup and maneuver it around to fill it and fling it toward Birdie.  Then she snickers.  (Ruby, not Birdie!  Ruby is a little instigator!)  They had a blast!


We all had a giggle seeing Birdie’s diaper malfunction and figured you might get a kick out of it as well!


By the way, in case anyone out there thinks that “gluten-free food is the worst thing ever” no doubt, you haven’t tried Savannah’s Gluten Free Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting –  every bit of it made from scratch.  Oh my.  She decorated it with Reese’s of course!

Seriously, I’m pretty sure her cake should have been illegal.



Ruby was so pleased with all the festivities!  She totally loved us all singing Happy Birthday again.


And the cake?  Well she always has to taste new things and then let them rest on her palate and think a while….



But then she happily dove in for more.  And more.



And actually some more.  Yup, she loved it too.IMG_2330

And what’s a 7th birthday celebration without a piñata?  Although Ruby was getting tired when we wanted her to start whacking it.  No doubt she was tired!!  After all it had been a very full day of fun and friends and family and that swimming pool stuff can sure wear a girl out!  I mean.  Yet she and daddy gave that piñata a good run for it’s cupcake money! IMG_2343


Birdie took some swipes and thought the whole thing was a hoot! Seriously is she not the most adorable little Birdie?





This is a picture of a whole heap of beautiful kids that love our Ruby girl and were tickled to celebrate with her! All of them were on the trampoline at one point and although it was dark, it is one picture I wish I’d had! Their laughter was contagious!


Presents finished the night that had been filled with laughter, joy and celebrating this precious princess who many thought “would never do anything”.  Oh how wrong they were!


Oh Ruby-girl. I gazed at your beauty throughout your special day and felt so humbled.  I definitely never did anything good enough to deserve the thrill of being your mama.  Daddy and I were praying together yesterday morning and we were rejoicing that the God of the universe, when searching for the most-suited family for you, would chose us.  You bring us joy every single day of our lives.  You cheer us up when we are down.  You make us giggle with your naughty little ways.  Ha!  To think that some clearly clueless people thought you would not ever do anything – obviously they hadn’t figured that “all powerful God factor” in the equation!

We love you oh-so-much and are grateful to celebrate your 7th birthday with you!  Our astoundingly faithful God has done such miraculous things in and through your life!  We can’t wait to see what else He has planned for you!!

17 thoughts on “Of Course She’s Giddy – She’s 7!!

  1. Oh what fun you all had. The chocolate cake! Birdies smile! Everyone having a blast and Ruby the swimmer were all too precious. Happy Seventh Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Ruby! What a blessing you are! I pray that the Lord will continue to do great things in your life. Please tell your Mom thanks for her great blog.

    Mary Pat
    Baton Rouge, LA

    Linny, you once again brought me to tears! Too hear a mother say such wonderful, loving, heart felt things about her treasure just melts me. I so longed for my mother to be that kinda mother. And I can only pray that my treasure was loved this way. There are LOTS of changes taken place in my life, they are scary, BUT I know that God is ready to use me in a BIG way! I’m being obedient to His calling, even thou at this moment it scares the heck out of me. So stay turned! PINK is about to take the bull by the horns and I can only pray that my choices will be a blessing to others! Big hugs from Texas! Love ya!

  4. All of this is he absolute best!!! Yay for daily miracles and reminders of God’s amazing power every day at work in Ruby’s life! So thankful for her!!!

  5. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY SWEET ANGEL!!!!!!!!! *all the confetti and cupcakes and fireworks* You are truly a miracle, and I’m sure your family thanks God for you everyday!!!!!
    AND TWELVE KIDS ON THE TRAMPOLINE??!! That must have been awesome…. <333

  6. Happy birthday Ruby! Linny, any chance Savannah would be willing to share her cake recipe? My mom and sister have Celiac Disease, so we are always looking for yummy new gluten free recipes. This one looks too good to pass up!

    1. Funny you should ask! I was going to ask her as well and will today!! They come over after church most Sundays to hang out! Seriously, I told her that it was the best cake I ever tasted! Not kidding! And with the frosting? OH ME.

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