Pins Everywhere!

Oh friends!! I am so stinkin’ excited!

We delayed our yearly trip East as we waited to see how I was healing and I am happy to report – everything is now a GO!

My strength is returning, my stamina is increasing and I am returning to normal, except for a few naps here and there! Praise the name of the Lord!!  He has been astoundingly faithful to me!

While I have been healing, I have been able to finish my second book, The Memorial Box.  It is about to be published and soon we will be headed East with piles of both Rescuing Ruby and The Memorial Box in hand.

So Dwight and I were talking and we had an adventurous idea!  


Since we had such a blast meeting so many of you two years ago when we took Rescuing Ruby across the country, we thought why not do it again?!?!

Here’s what we’re praying for…

We are looking for friends across the states who would love to gather a few of their friends and host an event where we would be able to share our story of God’s astounding faithfulness!  The event could be hosted at a community center, library, church, coffee shop or even their own home.  Or perhaps you are a pastor and would be open to having us come speak?  

Of course in the midst of it all, we can share as needed, but some of the things we love to talk about is Ruby’s healing, all our treasures, our ministry, The Gem and always the faithfulness of God.   Everyone can meet our two newest treasures and of course, our little miracle-girl, Ruby!  Win/Win/Win/Win/Win!!

You do not need to provide a place for us to stay, although if you are able, you won’t have to twist our arms too much!  Haha!  Seriously, we totally understand that our big pile is a bit out of the ordinary and will grab a hotel nearby!  

So here’s how we’ll do it!  When we hear from  you, we will put some pins on the map and see how many locations we can make work as we make our way across the country and back!

might be the best one

We will be leaving Phoenix around July 18th!  So anytime after that is open to possibilities and anywhere East of Phoenix is a possibility.  We will plan our route in a few days when we hear from you.  And if you live in the Western/Central New York area and would like to host an event while we are in the area, we would love that as well –  after the 1st of August.   We will be leaving the Western New York area and heading back toward Phoenix sometime after August 15th (not sure when).

So pray, brain storm and see if you would like to host an event for your friends, Bible study, blog friends, church friends, and in the process meet our sweet pile!!

Since this is an adventure – we are seriously open to any ideas! 

If you need more information or have an idea, please email us at:  

Subject:  EAST!! 





12 thoughts on “Pins Everywhere!

  1. Any chance you would be willing to come to Connecticut? I am 99 percent sure my church would LOVE to have you come and share! Let me know if it’s even a possibility, and I will ask my pastor asap! Oh, how I would love to see you all again, and you have quite a few treasures I haven’t even met yet! I have a tiny house, but if the kids don’t mind making nests on the floor, I would love to have you!!!!
    Love you!!
    Nancy Johnson(proud mama to the amazing ShaoXi!!!)

    1. We are going to put the pins on the map in the next day or so…we have had a beautiful response and I would love to come to Connecticut…not sure it will work this trip, but we have several invites to the NE! It’s been exciting!! So I will keep you posted in the next couple of days! xo

  2. I would love to meet you and your big family. Would love to meet precious Ruby! I am in the Green Bay, WI area! If you can stop in this area, please let me know. I would be happy to have you come over and speak to a group. My house is not huge, but we can manage something I am sure. If Green Bay doesn’t happen to be on your list, would love to see you if you will be somewhere fairly close. Hugs, Wendy

  3. Think about Lamar, IN. I know we could get all of you tickets for a day at Holiday World and we would love to gather a group at our little country church to hear you speak.

    1. We would have love to come to Grand Island, if you are able to host a gathering, write to my email!! It won’t work now this year, but maybe another! I actually LOVE Nebraska!

  4. Jamestown, ND!!! 🙂 Linny, I’m just catching up on your blog. I haven’t been reading lately because one of our boys has been going through a lot of medical stuff. I’m happy to hear that you are doing better. Praise God!!

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