Pins Are Popping Up for The Memorial Box Tour!

You guys are the best!  Your response has been a-mazing and Dw and I are ever so slowly calling people and pinning pins!  We are lining up the trip to Western New York through a northern route!  Before long, we will, Lord willing, be lining up the route back, along the south and we are praying we can “do Texas” this time!  Eeeek!!  Kinda’ giddy, not gonna’ lie!

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Soon our little red BMW convertible 15 passenger van will be heading to Western New York.

Okay so when I found the BMW convertible picture to use, I couldn’t resist. I mean.  And just in case you get the wrong idea,  We don’t own one, we don’t even long to own one, but one time we did ride in one and it really was a hoot.  But given the opportunity to own a little red Beemer, thanks but no thanks.   I’ll pass it up for our Great White filled to the brim with Whitey, 2 wheelchairs and 9 of my favorite peeps any day!  I’ve got it too good!    

So on to the good stuff:

The places lined up so far look like this:



Details to follow but check it out:

Plainfield, Indiana   – Saturday afternoon July 22nd!

Michigan City, Indiana  – Sunday morning  July 23rd!  I know, I know, I know. I totally messed up the red dot!  It should be on the lake in Indiana. Read further and you will not be surprised at all, it has been “something else”.

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Sunday evening  July 23rd!  (Ooops, forgot to dot the map)

Dayton, Ohio – Monday evening July 24th (tentatively)

And lastly, this week has been “something else” to put it mildly.   So all I can say is three cheers it’s Friday and grateful for swimming pools, ice cream, naps and God’s promises contained in these verses:

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end;  They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”  Lamentations 3:22,23

I pray that you all have had a much less eventful week than we have over here.  But just in case your week was like ours, go back and read the verses again, then pause and thank the Lord that tomorrow is a fresh start.

Well, the kids are in the pool and I am off to join them cause “there is no time like the present to do something pleasant!” xoxo  And a couple extra hugs in case you need them.  oooo 

8 thoughts on “Pins Are Popping Up for The Memorial Box Tour!

  1. Oh, friend!! If you can “do Texas”, pleeeeeeeeease let me know!!! Our offer from last year still stands! (It’s been a crazy summer here so far, so I’m a little behind on your blog.) Thankful for that sweet reminder in Lamentations…and crazy excited about the mere mention of Texas being a possibility!!! Big hugs and lots of love to you and your beautiful pile of treasures!! (And I absolutely CANNOT wait to read your new book!!! Eeeeek!)

  2. My goodness! I love your blog, your beautiful family, your adventurous spirit, your perspective and perseverance! May blessings follow you all along this journey! My parents drove us al over the US visiting people, and I’ve never lost the love for long long drives and new friendships. Oh! and if you ever want to drive across the New York border and explore Cananda let me know!! We have guest rooms!!😊

    1. Our kids love our road trips!! Two years ago we did a “Rescuing Ruby” tour and put 8,248 miles on the car. Two days after returning home I asked the kids, “If we were able to get in the car this minute and do another 8,248 miles ON TOP of the miles we just did, would you want to?” They all eagerly agreed “Yes!” We have a blast – it’s the highlight of our year and we have met some amazing people! My mom was born in Canada and most of my mom’s side still lives there. I dream of going as as family…and pray that someday we can get passports made! THEN you just might have some house guests! xo

  3. Yippee!!!! You are close to me!!!! I hope the dates work out for me to be able to come down and see you!!!!!! I truly hope to be able to hug your neck and see your family…I have such a soft place in my heart for little Ruby. She is such a gift from God…as all of you are!!!
    For now, enjoy the pool and ice cream and be sure to get a nap in.

  4. You’re coming way to close to our neck of the woods to not see you!! I’m keeping my ears open for the rest of the details! We live in north east Ohio. Just got back from china today… still waiting on the last flight actually… so a trip isn’t sounding too easy yet:) once this haze lifts we just may need to see you!! Got so many older kid adoption questions!!

  5. LInny if you are coming to Colorado, we have 4 bedrooms to share! Would love to see you! Still remember meeting you and the children at the Antique store I was working in that day. Such a blessing to have you as a forever friend because of Jesus!

    Bee blessed

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