I Couldn’t Sleep Last Night!!

Can you hear me squealing?  Eeeeeek!

I couldn’t sleep last night.  I woke up at 2:30am and my head was going wild with all kinds of Memorial Box ideas for you guys!

Just eight weeks ago, as I lay in the hospital wondering the future, I couldn’t have imagined The Memorial Box being finished, when I came home, I still couldn’t imagine it being finished anytime soon, But by God’s grace and astounding faithfulness – it’s done!!  You guys were part of the prayers that our great God heard to heal my broken liver and He moved in a most powerful way! Thank you friends, thank you.

The truth is that as thrilled as I was to write Rescuing Ruby, I am beyond giddy to have finished The Memorial Box!  Because friends, you know how I love the orphan. You know how I love talking about adoption with anyone!  You know I think special treasures are probably the most valuable to our great God!  You know that I love writing about the joys of large families!  BUT all of those topics, as wonderful as they are, personally speaking, my life is nothing without the faithfulness of God.

The mountain-tops of life are wonderful but down in the valleys?  Right?  If we don’t see God working, we are toast.

Right now, personally,  our family is walking through one of the largest stretches of our faith.  We have zero clue how this situation will turn out.   (If you happen to come hear us speak at one of the stops as we travel across the country, you may hear us talk about it, since we do not think we will be sharing publicly.)

However, in this time of trusting God for mountains to move, Dw, the kids and I have incredible peace.  Why do we have peace?   Because of all the things we have in our Memorial Box!! Just look at it pictured below!!  Each of those items?  They each  represent a powerful story God’s great hand of mercy, His hand of provision, His hand of protection, His mighty Mountain-moving arm and all we can say, “God you have this current-we-have-zero-idea-what-is-going-to-happen situation in your very trustworthy hand!”

So, from my vantage point, I cannot emphasize enough the need for each person- young and old alike – to read The Memorial Box.  Our prayer is that God will use The Memorial Box to renew trust, build faith, strengthen each person’s walk with Jesus and sustain all in their own trials.

In the next few days we will begin some giveaways!!  More squealing!! 

Dw and I have been praying and brainstorming ideas!!  We will be giving away some Memorial Boxes for starters!!  Actually we are going to be looking for some as we travel across the country!  We will be giving away some other surprises (we both love, love, love surprises)!!   I seriously cannot wait!

The Memorial Box will be released next week – so stay tuned!!  It will be available on Amazon in both book and kindle versions!  I am so stinkin’ excited, seriously, can you hear me?!!







22 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Sleep Last Night!!

  1. I read your book about Rescuing Ruby and cannot wait to read your new book!!!! Love your Memorial Box. How wonderful to have mementos of your faith moving mountains.

  2. UM *I* AM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!!!! You got it donnnnnnne!!! YEE-HAW!! *high-fives and hugs all around*
    I sooo want to get me my own copy of this book. IT SOUNDS LIKE IT’S GONNA BE SO GOOD. ^_^
    I pray for your family very often. <333

  3. I hope I get to have a coffee or a milkshake with you when you visit the homestead! (and I can’t wait to read the Memorial Box!)

    1. YES!! I’m counting on it my dear friend! Do you have my cell? Let’s do it sooner, than later, so we definitely get it in! Coming to the homestead – it’s our favorite place all year and we might just live there, if it wasn’t for that white stuff. 😉 I love just sitting on the porch. By the way, please tell the rain to go away though – okay? xo PS Pray for our trip!

      1. Your family is always in my prayers but I will certainly add some extra’s for safe travels. I’ll know when you arrive because I’ll hear the laughter outside my window! Yay!!!!

  4. It just went live late last night! I haven’t even gotten to tell anyone! Haha!! Praise the Lord! Please, please, please, if you are willing to leave a comment on Amazon after you have read it, it really helps people, who know nothing about us, to want to read it. Thank you for reading it! I pray God encourages your heart as He reminds you of His astounding faithfulness!

  5. I can not wait to read this!! My fiancé and I are starting a Memorial Box on our wedding day, so this will be a great way for him to see what it’s all about!

    1. So excited for you to begin a Memorial Box on your wedding day! We started ours 20 years ago and Oh the stories it tells! God is always astoundingly faithful – in the beautiful seasons of life and the painful seasons – He is completely trustworthy!

  6. I can’t wait to read!! I read Rescuing Ruby a few months ago and loved it. I visited some Ethiopian orphanages last fall. My life has forever been changed by the special treasures I met there. Hoping to go back in November and see some dreams I have for theses children come together. God will have to move mountains. Can’t wait to read the book soon as I can get my hands on it!!

    1. Yay! I love that you went to serve in Ethiopia!! Thank you for serving the orphan Ashley, seriously thank you. It wrecks you, doesn’t it? And the book just went public! About to make It’s available on Amazon now! The Memorial Box by Linny Lee Saunders – and please leave a review on Amazon – even for Rescuing Ruby. It’s okay if you didn’t buy it there, it’s the only way for others to know if it is worth reading…and it clearly shows how much God loves the orphan!

      1. Yes! That is exactly how I would put it Linny! It wrecks you! I did review Recuing Ruby soon after I finished it and I just ordered the new book. I can’t wait till it arrives!!
        Thank you for loving the orphan!

    1. Yay!! Thank you Cherie! You’re the best! Please, if you can, would you be willing to leave a review on Amazon? It really helps when people, who know nothing about us, come across the book! xo

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