Surprise to Us! And a Giveaway You Won’t Want to Miss!

What a Beautiful Big Surprise to Us!  We are smiling so big!

The publisher said it wouldn’t be available on Amazon until early this coming week – but – it’s there! Waiting for you! It’s on Amazon!  Yippee Jesus!   I guess Amazon was as excited as we are!  *big smile*   There will also be a kindle version soon!

If you have read Rescuing Ruby, you will love, love, love Chapter 4.  (If you haven’t you will want to grab a copy of that too!) Seriously, Chapter 4 is the crazy story of our astoundingly faithful God…and how He answered a very specific prayer….but I can’t give it away…you’ll have to read it for yourself!  Dwight cried and he knows the story! Our God is incredible!


Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.57.38 AM

In Chapters 20 and 21 I share the very personal, behind-the-scenes look at exactly what was going on these last few months.

The Memorial Box was written from my heart and I share very  vulnerably throughout it.  The mountain tops are amazing, but the valleys?  Oh-so-hard.  Yet, over and over, even in the darkest of times, His faithfulness is confirmed.  He is 100% trustworthy!

Comment on this post or on the Facebook post linked with this blog post to be entered for the Memorial Box giveaway!  On the road trip we will be searching for a Memorial Box!  

If you order more than one, you will have an equal number of entries!  Just leave a comment!  

Oh dear, I am so excited!

PS Friends in the midwest – another stop has been added! This time we have the joy of a special time with our dear friends whose neck we were able to hug last year!  And you are welcome to join us in Marysville, Kansas, Wednesday evening, July 19th!   Details tomorrow!




31 thoughts on “Surprise to Us! And a Giveaway You Won’t Want to Miss!

  1. After what we’re going through with my husband, I’m definitely in need of reading this book! Going to go order it in a few minutes!

    1. You MUST read it. God is so present…but somedays it’s so hard to see His hand, but remembering His presence on the mountaintops helps us see His hand in the valleys. Love you friend.

  2. Looks like an amazing read! Really wish we had room to have you stop in St. Paul, MN…but only have a 2 bedroom home for the 6 of us as is! 4 kiddos from China…youngest cleft lip, non-verbal, autistic, and oh so special! Our Surprise adoption! Blessings as you travel!

    1. We won’t be hitting MN this time, but we are hoping for a “swoop” through that area next year! So grateful for your love for special treasures! Your family sounds precious! xo

  3. I will watch for it on kindle. That is how I do most of my reading these days. I am looking forward to reading it.

    1. I will try to notify bloggy friends when it’s on kindle. I received a kindle, but can’t get used to not having a real book in my hands. I’ve heard others say the same thing, maybe it’s my love for paper or something. I dunno. But it would make life easier if that’s all I had! Thank you for your comment and I pray that The Memorial Box ministers to you.

  4. Please let me know when you will be back in NY this year. I would love to meet the whole family. I knew Dwight and his family when my dad was pastor of Perry Baptist Church. My family holds very special memories of the Saunders family.
    Julie Maricle Biesser

    1. We are heading toward Western New York on Monday! I will email you at the address you have associated with your google (in order to leave a comment). I’m sure Dw would love to see you again. He has talked about the Maricle family over the years very fondly.

      1. We met you and your lovely family last summer having ice cream at Sweet Sarah’s! Would love to be able to chat with again while you are in NY.

    1. Yay!! Thank you for sharing our joy Brooke! I pray God uses it to strengthen people’s faith and deepen their relationship with our ever-personal, astoundingly faithful God!

  5. I cannot wait to read this book. Loved Rescuing Ruby and loved meeting the family. Will be waiting to see you again for hugs!

    1. Awww thank you Lucinda! You’re sweet. Hey, if you are able, would you mind leaving a review on Amazon for Rescuing Ruby and The Memorial Box? It really helps when people are searching for books to read to see lots of positive reviews! And our goal is that people come to know Jesus! Thank you in advance! We pray that God uses both books to draw people to Himself, strengthens people’s faith and encourage people that He is always present and wants a deep relationship with them.

  6. Eeek! Just hopped over to Amazon and ordered a copy of The Memorial Box. It’s supposed to be here Monday. I cannot wait to read it!!

  7. Oh Linny! You will be in Columbus the same time that I’ll be there! So you know I’ll want to hug your neck! That would be the BEST birthday present ever! Oh how I would love to win a memorial box! The little one I had fell off the wall and broke. 😔 oh what a birthday gift, first being able too celebrate another birthday that the Dr’s said I’d never see, then getting to hug your neck and the chance to win a memorial box! Happy Birthday to me! Oh and happy birthday to my sweet birthday twin EMMA!

  8. Let me introduce myself shortly. I follow your blogs for i don’t know how many years. It was called; a place called simplicity. I never commented since english isn’t my native tongue, which makes it hard to share my heartfelt feelings. All those years i kept praying for you all.

    Oh how i got all excited and wanted to order both books. But.. it doesn’t let me ship to the Netherlands for some reason. 🙁 I never bought rescuing ruby because i feared my english wouldn’t be good enough to completly understand it. But i decided to give it a try anyway.
    So, i’ll be waiting on the kindle book for this one (and just bought the rescuing ruby ebook) so please share when they are available on the kindle.

    p.s. i hope i didn’t butcher the english language to much.
    Love & Blessings Gianna

    1. Oh so nice to hear from you Gianna! Your english is amazing!I am so grateful you commented! Yippee Jesus for being able to get the kindle version!! I will announce soon when it is on Kindle. As you read Rescuing Ruby I pray the Lord uses it to strength your faith, encourage your heart and remind you just how much He loves each of us! xo

      1. Thank you for your kind words. I’ve read rescuing Ruby, through tears and laughter. It makes it even more amazing hoe far she come, with our Fathers Will.

        What i didn’t tell last time, is that your familie was amongst the ons who let uw check into adoption. Unfortunatly that is not for us, right now. However, we went on to fostering.

        We’ll keep on praying for you.
        Love gianna

  9. Such a joy to follow your blog and your testimony! After the struggles we had the past few years and currently, I look forward to reading this! I know God is faithful, but I am really struggling right now. Blessings Linny!

  10. I bought three of the memorial box books! So wonderful to have met you, Linny! We check your blog often for new encouraging posts!! Love from Ohio!

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