You are My Most Amazing Friends

As we drove across the northern part of the country we met some of the sweetest, kindest, most amazing friends!  Their love for the orphan, the Gems, for others, for our family, for the broken – absolutely incredible.

When people drive for hours to come to a gathering, I don’t take it lightly.  Many of you have stopped by “Our Place Called Simplicity” for years and it is a thrill to finally(!), finally(!), finally(!) hug your neck, see your faces and hear  your stories.  I have been very moved by some of the things you all shared with me and I have been praying diligently for valleys that you are walking through.  Together we will choose to trust our great God who is always astoundingly faithful.  

Thank you for the privilege of spending time with you – these are memories that I will always carry with me.  

Here are some of the pictures (in random order) – just for fun:IMG_2658


Jolene, who is part of The Knee Team, heard it was Nehemiah’s birthday and even made him a cake!  #sweetestblessing

20158023_10154810690351463_2985261111353529782_o 20368726_10155436705693190_3544977253963588959_o

IMG_2660 IMG_2636 IMG_2689 IMG_2685Jolene (above), who is also part of The Knee Team, came too!  So fun to see two “Knee-Teamers”!  IMG_2635

This crazy-couple above drove from Charles City, Iowa – EIGHT hours one way, (what???) so I could hug their necks!  What a blessing they are and what a joy to my soul!

IMG_2639 IMG_2631 IMG_2687



Janet & Kevin’s tribe mixed up with our pile….all adopted….except one.

IMG_2703Grace (above) makes the most delectable Gluten Free cookies.  I’m hooked!  (And she even shared the recipe!)  Makes my mouth water just thinking about them!  IMG_2702 20375649_1483590971719945_7018321368621188010_n

Two of the gatherings were held in barns – we loved it!!  Two were held in churches.  All were such a blessing!



It was wonderful spending time with our friends, Tracy and Clay, in Michigan.   They welcomed us into their home and the kids had a blast!

At the Michigan gathering we had a special treat of meeting two of the children who were at the same baby orphanage as Elijah, Elizabeth and Ruby!  What a sweet time!20233033_1514648685223849_2002851036591730746_o

Once orphaned but now thriving in families = Best sight ever! 


Longtime (and old just like us) friends, Janet and Kevin, also welcomed us into their new home – such a treat! We always make special memories when we are together…and the laying on the floor thing…well it’s a long story, but I had to include the picture this time!  We laugh and laugh when we get together and each time we have to get another “laying on the floor picture” to add to our little collection!

Thank you friends who came to all the gatherings – you made my year!  For those who I didn’t get pictures of, please forgive.  I really tried.

For those on our “return” route, stay tuned.  At the moment, we are hunkered down at the Old Home Place for a little fun in the cold clouds with family and childhood friends!!  So good for our souls.  Dw is currently sitting on the porch talking to one of his old buddies.  And yes, the current high is 78…which is actually FORTY degrees colder than when we left Phoenix!!  I have been shivering, wearing old flannels and keeping inside more than out.  I’m a wimp and I readily admit it.  But it does feel soooo good to be here!  We love this Old Home Place – filled with memories and making new ones!

5 thoughts on “You are My Most Amazing Friends

  1. Love reading the updates of your travels! Such sweet memories y’all are making!! Got my copy of “The Memorial Box” a couple of days ago and can’t wait to read it!! Still holding out hope we’ll be on your return trip home! Would love to finally hug your neck and share your beautiful family with our community!! Enjoy the old home place…and stay warm!! 😘

  2. Another Texan hopes you make it this way on your return home. I finished your Memorial Box book. Such a blessing to read about God’s faithfulness to your family. Love how God knows us personally and speaks to our hearts hidden treasures. He is the star of your book and that is just how it should be. Thank you for writing.

  3. It was so awesome to meet you in Ohio! Thank you for sharing your heart and how God has done (and continues to do) miraculous things in your family!

  4. So great to see pics of Janet and Kevin and their pile! I miss her blog but still think about her family and pray for them. Linny, you are looking well! Your hair, face, skin…..looking very light and free and gorgeous. So glad you are recovering from your medical issues. And oh, yeah……the kids are cute, too. Heeheeee.

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