Ruby’s Thoughts on Long Road Trips…



We are near Decatur, Illinois and it’s such a wonderful trip so far! Largely uneventful, well except for one having a stomach virus and, of course, you know what that meant.  A quick change of clothes and some clean-up and we were off again!

We’ve been driving more back roads than interstates….I mean, how could we ever find a Memorial Box on the interstate, right?  (Eeek! I found one in Pawnee Rock, Kansas! More on that soon!  If  you’ve bought The Memorial Box, just comment to be added to a drawing for a free Memorial Box.)

Of course, the second after I took the picture above here’s what Ruby did…

Ruby thinks hours in the car is crampin’ her style!  She wants to go, go, go!  Isn’t she just miraculous?  Only our astoundingly faithful God could heal her so!

Yesterday night we had a beautiful time with Jolene, her husband Ben, their family, friends and her church family at their church in Marysville, Kansas.  Jolene has been a part of The Knee Team since it started and she is such a sweet blessing.


It was such a sweet time together with tons of new friends!

After a time of sharing, one new friend, Pat, offered to make us breakfast for the road!  We went to her gorgeous home this morning and found her waiting out front with piles of yummy food and treats to ‘grab and go’.  We laughed when we saw her!

What precious people we had the joy of spending time with and I’m pretty sure we would love living in Kansas!



Next stops:

Saturday, July 22 at 1:00 pm –  Plainfield, INDIANA  –  OPEN TO ALL!!!

Hosted by our friends, Janet and Kevin at:

Plainfield Christian Church –  800 Dan Jones Rd, Plainfield, IN 46168


Sunday, July 23rd at 10:30 am – Michigan City, INDIANA  –  OPEN TO ALL!!!

Hosted by bloggy friend Kelli at: 

New Creation Vineyard – 9009 W Pahs Rd, Michigan City, IN 46360


Sunday, July 23rd 6:30pm  – Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN  – OPEN TO ALL!!!

Hosted by our friends Clayton and Tracy at their home.  For details:  Subject: Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Monday, July 24th  – 7-8:30 pm  COLUMBUS, OHIO (please note city has changed) –  OPEN TO ALL!!!

Hosted by friends in Columbus at a beautiful venue!  For details email:



17 thoughts on “Ruby’s Thoughts on Long Road Trips…

  1. My book is arriving Monday—not soon enough. Wish I could see you in Columbus again this year but circumstances won’t work out. Boo.

  2. See you all in Plainfield! Hubby and I are taking a road trip for a weekend get away to see all of you!! 😀

  3. I had really been hoping to come and see you in Grand Rapids, but I just found out that my aunt, whose salvation I have been praying for since I was a child is has not only accepted Christ but is being baptized that day so of course I would not miss that for the world! Hope to catch you next road trip!

  4. Thank you for including us on your trip, Linny! It was a treat to get to spend the evening with all of you, to finally be able to introduce you to our friends, and to see how much the kids have all grown. What God is doing in Ruby’s life never ceases to amaze!

  5. I’ve followed your posts for several years and seeing Ruby developing, growing and doing all the things some doctors said she would never do has been a living Testament to God’s might and faithfulness. She is so amazing. I live in the UK so sadly I won’t be seeing you but I’ve ordered the new book and I feel like Christmas has come in July ! Can’t wait to read it!

  6. Your family getting ready to go photo is cute! Wish you were closer to Oregon and I’d be there. I’d like to win a copy of your book. Have a safe and blessed trip. Aw,Ruby girl…cramping her style? It’s hard for this grandma too but adventure awaits ahead. Give her a hug for me and yourself too. 😀

  7. I finished your book last night and was sad it ended! I really loved it! I find so much encouragement in reading stories about His faithfulness. II was flooded with my own memories in between reading yours and am looking for a memorial box to keep reminders for our family. I’m excited to be able to find some things to keep there and to be able to share with my children their meaning! Safe travels!

  8. Have the book! It was an early bday present and have started reading it! Praying it works out to see you Saturday! Would be bringing the baby (who happens to be 3😊) who has something for her friend Ruby!! They met 2 years ago in Speedway. Praying for safety as you travel!

  9. I finally read Rescuing Ruby and have now ordered Memorial Box. I wish you all could somehow wander to Alaska. I would live to meet you in person. I have been hoping to start a Memorial Box after reading your blog for years but it hasnt happened. If I were able to win and start one now, give us an encouraging focus and reminder during a difficult time.

  10. I received my copy of “The Memorial Box” today!! I’m just to chapter 2 and loving it. Please let me know if y’all will be in Southern Virginia, East Tennessee or North Carolina on your trip. 😀

  11. Hey, why isn’t Chongqing China on the list of cities? Come on over. I’ll be gone September 1, but until then you are welcome. My one bedroom apartment is pretty big!

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