This post is for moms who have had life just go a little lot of haywire.  I’m talking the “this is not-for-the-faint-of-heart kind of stuff.  The things where you say, “I couldn’t make this stuff up.”  The things all-at-once that if you were a quitter, you’d have packed your bags and headed to a deserted island.  But you can’t run away cause there were no flights available you know that God is faithful and in the end you remember that “this too shall pass”.

After returning from our trip we had some things that were larger-than-life going on.   (I’ve debated sharing, even written three posts about it, but haven’t had the freedom to share yet.)  But suffice it to say, that that is why we returned quickly to Arizona.  Anyway, a few days into that “stuff” Dw had to leave for Africa to meet up with his long-time friend and the mission organization EMI (Engineering Ministries International) to be there when they worked on plans for the enormous blueprint for The Gem Foundation.  (It’s amazing I might add! But that’s Emma’s story to share.)

Two days after Dw left, in the wee hours I drove Liberty to the airport to fly away to help sis-in-love who was waiting for baby to come.  (Sweet baby girl arrived yesterday and she’s more beautiful than we could imagine and yes, that makes our “grand  total” to 9! All I can say is that this Mimi is smiling big!)

Anyway, not long after Liberty (who is my right arm) left Elijah started feeling yucky.  I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but he was really feelin’ like creeping-crud.

Simultaneously Lexie Lou, our dog, got a bladder infection.  But in keeping with this “give thanks in everything” verse, this mom thanked the Lord for tile floors!   Enough said.

Elizabeth has been battling some ongoing health issues and they reared up uglier than ever.  And then Jubilee started feeling sick.  In the meantime I figured out that Elijah actually had chicken pox!  And then it became obvious that Jubilee was getting her “polka-tots” on too.

Ruby’s been back in bed with me too (due to crazy circumstances) and she’s been partying off and on through many nights.

Now you guys know that I’m living my dream and I love my large pile.  But all I could think was how does a single mom do it? My heart prayed for all of you as it does often as I was near tears a few times.  Life is really tricky when you are flying solo and kids are dropping like flies and life is throwing you a few extra curve balls as well.

Being gut level honest, this past Saturday was the hardest of all days since my man left.   Probably even the hardest day I’ve had in many, many, many years.  All I could do was literally grip His hand and plead with Him for strength and grace and peace.

So why am I telling you all this?  Well I’m sharing to remind everyone of a few truths.  One, if you are not a single mom, minister to someone who is.  Don’t say, “Hey call me if you need anything.”  Instead say things like, “I don’t know you do it.  But I want to  help!  Can I come watch your kids so you can take a bath alone? Or maybe you want to sit in a coffee shop and sip coffee? Maybe you want to go have lunch with a friend.  I’ll watch your kids so you can do anything you want.”

Secondly, if you are single, I applaud you.  Life is remarkably complicated at times. You live this out day after day.  I pray that you can be part of a small group that includes your family and ministers to you and your pile regularly.  You need it to keep yourself strong and healthy!

Thirdly, the Lord is where our strength is whether a single parent or not.  He wants to be your strength, your comfort, your peace, your joy.

And there’s that word, “JOY”.  Cause all I know is that when I was talking nonstop to the Lord this past Saturday, one of the things I kept saying was, “Lord I want to show your joy.  Give me joy despite circumstances that are less-than-easy. Let the kids see me relying on you and having joy no matter what!”

So we made it through and Sunday was so much better.  Graham and Savannah came over after they went to church and hung out for hours and hours.  We always have a blast when they come and hang out.  They played and loved on the well ones and loved on the sickos too.  We talked.  We laughed.  It was awesome and totally reminded me of this verse:  “A merry heart does good like a medicine!” Proverbs 17:22

We need each other friends.  And there is no doubt that the single parents around you need your encouragement, your help and your support.

So yesterday we ventured out for a walk in our beautiful city.  There is a city park down the road from where we live.  With the temperature still 100 degrees after dark, we decided to go on a giant walk, burn some stress energy and get out of the house (we’ve been in way, way, way too long!).  And lo and behold the park was watering the grass!    Can I get a big Yippee Jesus!?


Well that was “just what the doctor ordered” and some sweet memories were made….

And yes, eventually everyone went through.  Johnny-boy didn’t want to at first. He kept saying, “I fear water.”  I said, “You’ll live – it’s a sprinkler!”  And we took him through and he laughed and laughed.  Crazy kid.  #wheelchairsarentscary

Life is short friends.  The time with our pile is precious and goes way, way, way too fast!

Good gracious – I already have nine grands from the oldest 5! Seems like yesterday that the six oldest were just putting mashed potatoes down each other’s back, intentionally riding down hills in strollers and unintentionally breaking their bones, pulling leaves off the hanging plant and blaming Bojangles the mutt, lathering green permanent marker all over their face, climbing up on the fridge to have one jump into the other’s waiting arms and repelling from the roof (yes, you can guess who was doing that)!

Rely on Him.  Minister to the singles around you.  Enjoy the moments with your bunch. Thank Him for the privilege of living this beautiful, sometimes tricky life.  He is worthy of all praise, because He is astoundingly faithful.  Always, always, always.



6 thoughts on “Complicated

  1. Bless your heart! I don’t know how you did it without Liberty or hubby. You are one strong mom! I love your message to minister to single moms. I only had two, but no one, even close-by sisters, offered to babysit, and I wouldn’t hire someone I didn’t know. I worked from home full time and homeschooled. One was adopted older and had some, um, interesting issues. I made it through, but I had helped so many, especially my sisters, with babysitting and newborn help, so I was a bit unhappy about that. Folks who are married or have help remember how difficult it can be for you and imagine what it is like for singles, who even in the midst of pneumonia, must care for their kids alone!

  2. How precious that you would share your struggles & joys with us that we can pray more effectively for you & yours. Please know that you & your pile are loved & prayed for! Life is not boring nor do we have to wonder if God loves us- His Grace & Mercy make our hearts strong. Keep on keeping on Linny, He has your back, & front & every side. Hugs, Me to You

  3. I hope your treasures are all healing! Thank you for often remembering the single Moms out there. i do have friends that I trade babysitting with and have a mom of many friend that will take my girlie for overnights. God always provides someone when I’ve had surgery or go on a weekend retreat. Even better than babysitting is to find a friend pour into my child love and attention, that I feel she is missing not having a Dad. We have been so blessed this year to find a friend who has become an Auntie to my daughter, and as soon as her son’s adoption is complete I will be honored to become his Auntie/friend. God provides for all our needs including friendship! Friendship prayers answered!!! Thank you lord!

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