“Polka-Tots” Everywhere

dots-1165908Last post I mentioned that while Dw was in Africa we began to see “polka-tots” on a couple of our kiddos.  It started with Elijah and before long passed to Jubilee.

So reaching far back into the recesses….do you guys remember back a couple of year ago – celebrating with us that Jubilee spoke her first sentence??   It was so stinkin’ exciting since not only had she never spoke a complete sentence on her own  – it was crystal clear and she had been home about 6 years?

Well since that day, on rare occasions she has surprised us and formed a complete sentence …so with that in mind about 10 days after Elijah and Jubilee donned their polka-tots, Miss Elizabeth began to sport polka-tots too.   When I discovered them on Bethie, I turned to Jubilee who was standing beside Elizabeth, who was laying on the couch feeling gross.

Jokingly I teased, “Jubilee!! Look what you’ve done!  Elizabeth has chicken pox now too!”

And instantly that girl of ours threw her arms in the air and proclaimed, “Mom!  Stop saying that! It’s not my fault!”  I laughed and laughed…and asked her to do it again so I could kinda’ give you a replay…FullSizeRender

Jubilee suits her perfectly – she is such a joy!  On a totally separate note, I call her often “my shadow’ because

Anyway, yesterday was a banner day at our home….I noticed Isaiah (who has been dreading that he might also get chicken pox) had wrapped himself like a giant burrito when it was time to do worship. I overheard one of the kids ask him why he was wrapped in a blanket and he had answered, “Because I’m sooooo cold.”

I mean, we live in Phoenix and I had the air on, but no one else was looking like they watching whales frolicking in Alaska….so  I casually questioned as I grabbed my Bible to begin, “Hey Isaiah, any chance you have some places that are kinda’ itchy?”

Poor Isaiah.  He was wanting to live in denial…but my question ruined it all…he turned and grimaced, “Ummm, maybe…”  This kid is such a card – like pretending they aren’t there will make them not there!! I told him, “Shirt up Buddy!  Show me your back!”  Bingo!

After worship, Bible and prayer, I went to give Ruby a bath.  And you guessed it – she has her polka-tots on too.

Of course Birdie was next for her bath and you can only imagine what she was sporting too….

Man-oh-man they were dropping like…


The only one left was Nehemiah (Johnny boy was the generous provider of the pox when he had shingles about a month ago)….and of course, Liberty is still on the opposite side of the country helping brother and sissy….

So Liberty texted as they were all dropping and said she really doesn’t want them when she comes home….I told her I thought she would be safe…because after Isaiah, Ruby, Birdie had all broke out, Nehemiah mentioned that he was itching around his ear….and you know what was next…

So at this moment, we have 7 in the house sportin’ their polka-tots in all different stages…


I have to admit, I keep feeling itchy just looking at all of them…but I’m not alone – Dw’s said he does too.

So we’re wondering how many others either grew up in a large family and had a bunch with chicken pox at the same time or maybe you are a Mom of Many as well and have had a similar number?  Do share!  Seven is our story!  That’s God’s prefect number, right??

Having a large family does have it’s more than wild moments and I’m pretty sure this ranks of one of our wildest…

12 thoughts on ““Polka-Tots” Everywhere

  1. Only the one kiddo and she’s been vaccinated so fingers crossed, but as a child when I was about 9 it was going around our neighborhood in the middle of winter. I had a chicken pox havers or have-hadders only birthday party and all winter/spring we had get togetherness based solely on your chicken pox status. It’s was hysterical! We all admired each other’s dots or commiserated about itching. It’s bonding for sure! I have one scar near my right eye that bears the proof of that winter, I mostly forget it exists.

  2. Wow!!! This one is quite the story– I taught with a woman once who had 5 kids and they had the pox two weeks apart–she was quarrantined for 10 weeks—where are you living? Been thinking about you all so much! Hope no one is real sick with this : (. Going to ISRAEL in 3 weeks : )

    1. We will be praying for your trip my friend!! I texted you and told you where we were! Ha! We are still “here”. And your friend quarantined for 10 weeks? That’s a long time! By the time we are done it will only be about 6 weeks. Thankfully all 4 broke out that same day…or we could have been 20 weeks!! Can’t wait to see you guys and to show you around. Love you!

  3. Oh dear! Hang in there!
    Just a thought – I’ve been told the older you are when you get them, the rougher they are? So if Liberty has never had them, maybe you might want to investigate getting her the vaccine instead? ‘Cause she’s looking pretty darn grown-up lately y’know 🙂
    That’s what I did…my sister got them when we were kids, but I never did even though my parents tried to expose me to her, so when I was about 13-14 without having had them yet I went ahead and got the vaccine.

  4. Well not a huge family but I never had them as a child so when my daughter broke out in chicken pox, two weeks later her brother and I both broke out as well! I was 27 with chicken pox!!!

  5. Small family…but my three went down one after the other. I was teaching full time so my darling mother took over. Then my husband got it really badly. Fortunately I’d had it as a child. Hope you are all well soon.

  6. Hi Linny, I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time and enjoy hearing about your treasures. I wish I could be there to help you right now! I’ve been exposed to chicken pox many times in 48 years and have never gotten them. On another note, like Ruby, I too have epilepsy or I should say “had” epilepsy. I started having seizures at age 5 and had them until I had brain surgery 3 years ago at the Cleveland Clinic. I enjoy hearing about Ruby’s accomplishments and how she is doing! Just like all your others, she is definitely a gem!

  7. yes. 6 kids (maybe 5 at that time?). I was the oldest and brought them home from Kindergarten. We called them chickenpops.
    Everyone else got them from me, but my sister next to me and the 8 mo old baby developed pneumonia from them. One went to hospital in early evening and then grand parents came around so grandpa could take my mom and the other one later in the evening. My little brother had amazing amounts of fluid removed from his little lungs. They put them in the same room for company and especially for the baby to have someone familiar. When they started feeling a bit better my sister ended up spending most of her time picking up the toys my little brother through out of his crib!
    I did feel bad about it. but…well.
    Sandy in the UK

  8. Whew! That’s a lot O.O
    I was so little when we had chicken pox, I hardly remember! We have 4 new little ones that will need to get it, since then. I think it was around 5 at the most that all had pox at the same time! (I have 10 siblings altogether)

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