The Sandals

Yesterday I was talking with my friend Julie on the phone.  She mentioned how reading one particular Memorial Box story had impacted her life.  She said now she was able to see God at work on a daily basis in this particular way.  My soul was thrilled, as she shared her story, to know that God was using our stories to encourage others in their journey!  The Memorial Box stories serve to remind us over and over of just how astoundingly faithful our great God is! We have to share them!

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Our Family’s Memorial Box


An upside is that with is so much animosity, hatred and evil perpetuated in our world through social media, telling a story of the faithfulness of God is always a breath-of-fresh-air and a powerful reminder that we must focus on His constant love!  Friends,  His Love Wins – E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E.!

Since it has been awhile since I told a Memorial Box story, I thought I would share one from this past summer while we were at our old Home Place.

As we prepared for our trip to the home place  we knew we would be attending my nephew Ben’s wedding just before we headed toward home.  We were thrilled to be able to be with my family that I don’t get to see enough!  It was going to be an outdoor wedding and reception and I knew I would need a pair of sandals for it.  I mentioned the need for sandals to the Lord and I asked Him to provide for them in a miraculous way.

I’ve come to realize one thing as I walk my walk with the Lord.  If we trust Him, He will provide.  His timing is never not always ours (this is one part I’ve learned really well) and sometimes the wait can be very long. I think the wait has to do with trusting Him.  Sometimes it makes me laugh.  Other times it drives me buggy.  However, He always, always, always comes through and He always provides before we actually need it.  Personally, for me, it has become kinda’ like my  “Trust Game”.  It’s just between Him and I and it is part of my ongoing relationship with Him.  And He makes me giggle!  My “Trust Game” might not be ‘conventional’ to most, but He always comes through and He always does it above and beyond all I could think or ask.   (And by the way, He wins the Trust Game every time.  He provides ‘over the top’ everything we need!)

This past summer the days at the Home Place flew by.  As the wedding approached, I remembered I still didn’t have any sandals for it.  I mentioned the need to Him again.  You know, in case He forgot.  *Kidding of course!*

The morning of the wedding I was wondering what was up with the need for sandals and still not having any.  So I talked to Him and told Him that it was okay, I would just wear a pair of pretty flip flops that I had purchased at a yard sale a few months back.  They would work if He thought they were best.  No biggie.

yard-sale-1228574Hours before the wedding, my girls and I went to a neighboring town to do a little grocery shopping. In the little out-of-the-way town we saw a Yard Sale sign that led down a quiet country road.  We couldn’t resist the sign…so we went to check the sale out.

Imagine my giggles when, you guessed it, there was a pair of sparkly sandals in my exact size – perfect for Ben’s wedding.


If that wasn’t good enough – the price for the sandals was only…..


Astoundingly faithful God.  Always providing for us.

The need had been met with only “minutes to spare” (I’m telling ya’ – He loves the last second stuff!)…but the “icing on the cake” and what I would call His “above and beyond” was that at the same yard sale I found a long, long lightweight sweater in a neutral olive green (that looks brand spankin’ new) that I can wear here in Phoenix all winter long.  No, I hadn’t asked the Lord for one, but I mean it when I say, “He loves to do above and beyond all we can think or ask!”   And the sweater’s price? Better still!!  Seventy-five cents.  It’s beautiful and will serve me well for our “winters” in Phoenix!  So as I waited for the sandals provision, God was about to bless me with a beautiful sweater as well.   I just love that about Him.

Crazy thing is that I have had more compliments on my sandals then any other shoes I may have ever owned.  It makes me giggle and I have the joy of telling people that God provided them for $1. for my nephew’s wedding.  In our Memorial Box we will put a picture from the wedding that shows my miracle sandals.

Do you have a need today?  Talk to the Lord about it.  He loves to hear your heart and your concerns and He loves to show you how miraculous He is!

If you enjoy reading Memorial Box stories, my second book is now available on Amazon.  It is full of stories just like this, reminding us all of our powerful God and His love.  If you have read my first book, Rescuing Ruby, you will especially love chapter 4 in The Memorial Box.  It is a crazy follow-up to the British Air pilot chapter in Rescuing Ruby!  

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2 thoughts on “The Sandals

  1. He ALWAYS always provides over and above! He is so FAITHFUL and AMAZING! I was talking with my daughter last night about that! I have a similar story about asking for a new undergarment…YES HE DID!! Tags and all!! Love OUR Lord so much! Loved talking to you too! Thanks for sharing another memorial box Linny! Can not wait to meet you in person – God has set that up as well. AMAZED!

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