This Information Could Save Your Life

We have all been overwhelmed with emotions as we learned of the despicable devastation in Las Vegas.  I’m sure you, like, me, have been shaken to your core watching the scenes and hearing of the unfathomable loss.  Tears have flown freely.

I just can’t even begin to grasp the trauma that each person affected will face.  If Dw and I feel traumatized, imagine those who were there or have family or friends who were attending?  Who can imagine the first responders, the police officers, the surgeons, the doctors, the nurses, the CNAs, the fire department, the EMTs, the SWAT team, the medical professionals, the rescuers, the list goes on and on?

Some would have been considered ‘prepared’ but we all know, there is no way to prepare for an unprecedented event like the LasVegas massacre.

It has been so comforting to see people attending to people who they didn’t know before that moment, helping in any way they could.  I just keep starting to cry seeing it all replayed and how the heroes have emerged in the aftermath.

But what can we do, as an average citizen, to prepare in the event like what happened in LasVegas?  I kept thinking, “What would we have done if we had been there? What do you do in a situation like this?”

What I am about to share is of a very serious nature. I have prayed as I wrote so the heart behind it is conveyed and the motive be understood.  I have never shared anything like this before.  

Monday night Dw and I heard the following information.  That night someone who is not only a close, personal, trusted friend who we respect with our whole hearts, but also a leading expert in things like dealing with the Las Vegas massacre approached us (on their own). This person spends their days and nights working on behalf of protecting Americans, but also spends their days training for situations like the Las Vegas massacre.

Dw and I felt honored, comforted and grateful that they would love us enough to share with us this life-saving information. The person also wanted us to share it with our treasures.

At the end of our conversation this person said, “I love you guys.  I want you and the kids to be prepared should you ever find yourself in a situation like what happened in Las Vegas.  Please share with your friends this information.  Feel free to share with your blog friends too.  They need to know.  Tell anyone you can.  Just do not use my name in any way.”

Here are the three things that they shared with their permission: 

1. Hard surface versus soft. The ground you are on has a big affect on bullets. Bullets will actually skip across hard surfaces and travel down walls (I know that sounds weird) so while you might want to instinctively get down, unless your face to face with the shooter – keep moving. In short the lower you get on a hard surface the greater the chance you have of being hit. 


2.  Stop and help. This is a tough one. You want to help people and that’s awesome. But until the dust starts to settle or you can yourself be in a position to quickly carry someone out you might have to leave them. I know that sounds awful but very few shots are “switches” (instantaneous death) they are more likely timers (slow bleed out) it would be better to come back alive to help someone then lie next to them wounded yourself.


3. This is the most important:  MOVEMENT IS LIFE

Do not stop moving. Don’t stop.  Moving targets are insanely hard to hit.

You. Must. Keep. Moving. Don’t stop. Don’t linger. Move. And when you think you have moved far enough away move further.

Lastly, the person said:  Snuggle with your kids tonight. I know I will be with mine.

Friends, life can change in an instant.  I love each of you and want you to know what we now know.  I did not know to keep moving.  I never would have guessed being lower is easier to be a target than standing up straight and running.



Feel free to share this post and information with anyone you know. 

This has been shared out of love and concern for each of you and each of yours.  As I mentioned at the beginning I have never shared anything like this before and the person that shared it with us is definitely an expert on situations like what happened in LasVegas.  I cannot thank this person enough for loving us enough to share their wealth of knowledge.

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