And Then It Won an EMMY

Last December I think I mentioned that our family was asked to participate in an interview with the KTVK-3 news station here in Phoenix regarding our churchs over-the-top, incredibly wonderful special needs ministry – In His Image.  We were thrilled at this privilege and had a emotional time sharing what the ministry means to our family.

Gina Miravilla, who is part of the Good Morning Arizona team, put together an extraordinary piece highlighting our church and the unique way they not only embrace special needs individuals and their families – but they celebrate each one who attends the ministry!FullSizeRender 10IMG_8646The beautiful piece Gina put together aired (multiple times actually) and was eventually nominated for an Emmy in the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States.   Gina told us that most people go their entire careers and never win an Emmy….but God!

As the Lord would have it, while I was in Africa, the piece won the Emmy and we had the joy of seeing it at church this last week!  What an amazing thrill! I just love how the Lord honored Highlands Church, because they really, really get it.  The pastoral staff from Pastor Les and Chris to the leadership and throughout the body of Christ that worships there, they collectively celebrate kids, teens and adults with special needs.  It still boggles my mind how our three (and everyone else) are not sequestered away, but openly celebrated!   We cannot praise our astoundingly faithful God for leading us to Highlands!

IMG_8664IMG_8702FullSizeRender 13

The piece is linked here in case you missed it:   Arizona’s Family



2 thoughts on “And Then It Won an EMMY

  1. Oh wow! We all knew you were superstars. So, now even more do.
    So glad you were able to be a part of blessing the people who bless your family.
    Praise the Lord!
    Sandy in the UK

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