Our Christmas Miracle

Over the last few days, as I was praying about writing today, I knew I had to share something very personal because is so fresh and so powerful.  Also I am certain that we are not alone in what we walk through.  No doubt, many of you are walking through very similar situations.

As we move toward Christmas we all know that it is supposed to be a time of peace, joy, celebration, family, friends, laughter and refreshment.  But what if it’s not?  What if circumstances threaten to steal our peace and our joy?


Many months ago Dw and I became aware of a less-than-ideal situation, which we had zero control over, that was looming for our family.  It’s a long story, but suffice it to say, every time it came to mind (which was daily) my stomach would do a gigantic flip flop or two or three.  With each flip flop I had to stop and remind myself that I had a choice – I could fret, wring my hands, try to figure it out or I could ask the Lord to give us favor and move on our behalf.  We desperately needed His miraculous power to move the circumstances.

The situation was more than concerning and it definitely had the ability to steal my peace anytime I thought about it – which really was multiple times a day!  Yet instead of worrying or being overcome with fear, I decided to put worship music on and then head over to my Memorial Box and remind myself of all the times God had moved supernaturally on our behalf in the past.

Friends, the bottom line is that often in life, there is nothing we can really do about situations and the circumstances that surround them.  Our response can be fear and panic or it can be trust based on all the times God has met our needs, moved on our behalf, rescued or provided for us.

Recently I was talking to a precious friend about a situation she is walking through.  Her situation came “out of the blue” when she least expected it.  The circumstances are nothing she has control over.  So she has one choice: she can fret or she can trust. Just like our circumstances with our situation.  We could fret with sleepless nights or we could trust.  I encouraged my friend to put worship music on and praise the God of the impossible!  I told her to go look at her Memorial Box and remember all God has done!  He has done incredible things for her (and for each of us)!


I believe with all my heart that worship music and a Memorial Box are key. Worship and praise usher in God’s peace and remind us of how powerful God is and that, literally, nothing is impossible with Him.  Our Memorial Box has tangible reminders of all the miraculous things God has done for us! Each symbol represents a miracle He has done for us. 

Back to our situation….the days turned into weeks which turned into months.  The “deadline” was fast approaching.  I knew that I knew that I knew God was going to do something because of how faithful He has been in the past.  Our Memorial Box is chock full of God’s miraculous power and astounding faithfulness.


Then one day last week Dw texted me, “Get ready to praise God!”   My mouth fell open as I knew that this was the day we would see how God would move!  His next text confirmed it!! BOOM! Just like that – God had moved!  It was truly our Christmas Miracle!!  We didn’t have to strive in any way. He moved.  It was Him and only Him. I broke down sobbing.  

If I had laid awake night after night, for the last 10-ish months, stressing about it all it would have done zero to change the circumstances.  It would, in fact, have been a giant waste of time.  God was moving in a most crazy-miraculous way behind the scenes completely unbeknownst to any of us.  Although it is a personal story, in our Memorial Box we will have a very tangible symbol as it is a story to be celebrated for the rest of our lives.  God hears. God moves. He gives favor. He supplies. He rescues.  He protects.  He provides.  He surprises us in the most incredible ways. He works behind the scene.  He is astoundingly faithful.

This Christmas season do not, I repeat DO NOT, let circumstances steal your joy or your peace.  Put worship music on and praise the God who sent His only son to earth to save us from our many sins so we could spend eternity with Him.  He’s moving on your behalf.  

Lastly, if you are looking for a quick gift for Christmas…consider hopping on Amazon and ordering The Memorial Box (it’s even on sale for a couple more days).   The Memorial Box will strengthen, encourage and challenge your faith because it is full of stories of God’s faithfulness!


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6 thoughts on “Our Christmas Miracle

  1. Oh I wish I could order your books! However, I don’t have a creditcard and can’t figure out another way of paying on Amazon as I live in Holland and thus have a Dutch bankaccount. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on worry though, its been a steep learning curve for me these last few months. I still need all the reminders I can get 🙂 worship and remembering His past goodness is the key.

    1. I’m sorry friend! Maybe one day you will find a friend with Amazon who also lives in Holland?? If I could, I would bring you a copy if I could. I am grateful that you are using the best “weapons” for worry – worship and remembering!

  2. Praising God with you!! He’s always working behind the scenes then BOOM just like you said…He does what only He can do! Hallelujah! He is Incredible! And I did get the memorial box book, but I confess, I read it first before giving it to my daughter as a prelude to her own memorial box :)!! Thank you for all your encouragement. Can’t wait for February to get here to meet you in person! love, Julie

  3. Oh thank you for this post. I praise God who makes all paths straight. I am laying awake in a hospital room with one of my treasures. My eight year old medically complex fragile daughter and I were life flighted from Montana to Seattle Children’s Hospital 10 days ago. We have 9 children seven special needs adopted children and we won’t be home in time for Christmas. My daughters condition was life threatening before all this and truly each day we have her is a gift. I am trying hard to enjoy this time as hard as it is because I still have her with me. If I worry about tomorrow I will miss today that I have her with me. Thank you for this post as worry creeps in and steals today’s joy.

    1. Oh Kelly, I will pray for you and your whole family. all the rest of the treasures must truly miss you as you do them. May God hold you close and be your comfort. He loves her far more that you could do and you can trust Him with each day, too.
      Big Hugs from England

  4. what a privilege to read your blog.
    and I was so happy to be able to buy your book on the french amazon
    and even better, prime ! I will have it in three days !

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