They Did It!

The countless hours, the years of early morning studying before the sun even came up, the endless study sessions with her two friends, and our beautiful, tenderhearted, gentle, orphan-loving girl Savannah has done it!!  She’s been officially “pinned” and graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing!!  We couldn’t be more proud.  Every time I think of it, I cannot stop welling with tears – she did it!  I had zero idea how difficult nursing school was – until the first time I helped quiz her – oh my!

Ever since we’ve known Savannah she’s talked of being a nurse. She loves everything to do with blood, bones and all it entrails, I mean, entails.  She’s worked so very hard and was at the top of her class.

It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge Graham’s commitment to her going through nursing school. He did the bulk of the cooking, the laundry, the cleaning…and he did it with joy!  That son of ours is one precious guy and they make an incredible team that God is using in big ways.

The pinning was so emotional for all of us as each student had been pre-recorded and thanked those in their lives who had helped them get through nursing school.  She thanked Jesus first and then her handsome hubby and then her family.

IMG_0533IMG_0534IMG_0536Savannah’s mom, all her sisters and her grandma flew in for the pinning and graduation.  It was wonderful to see them all!!


Celebrate with us!  We have a nurse in our family now and we cannot thank the Lord enough for all He has done!



PS.  Graham and Savannah purposed not to go into debt for nursing school and God faithfully provided for every need.  He is always astoundingly faithful!  

2 thoughts on “They Did It!

  1. Oh brilliant! So happy for Savannah and Graham. So much ahead that the Lord will do with their commitment to honour and serve Him. Nurses are really needed!
    Sandy in the UK

  2. So proud of Savannah and Graham!! What a great achievement in their young lives! I am friends with Savannah’s grandmother Anita. We work together at the My Choices crisis pregnancy center where Anita is our ultrasound nurse. So she has kept me informed about Savannah’s progress and all our My Choices family is so proud for her!

    God bless and Merry Christmas!

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