A New Season Begins

So I have three posts I’m working on….oh me….the ever-lovin’ frustrations of being a writer!  But in the meantime, we have a new season that has begun over here!

How could I let this special event pass without a sweet post just for precious her?  It seems like it was just yesterday, literally, that a gorgeous baby was placed in my arms…and our hearts leapt that our years of prayers had finally been answered!  God was so astoundingly faithful to our years of praying for another baby…

IMG_5417Now we turn around and this same baby girl is starting college!!  We are all thrilled!  She’s dreamed for years of being a social worker at The Gem Foundation and this is the first step!

Liberty’s gentle, kind, tenderhearted, loves the orphan, infinitely values special needs, loves Jesus, loves to worship, is an amazing example to her younger sibs and makes us laugh with her joy daily!


We are so very proud of her and know that she will be an amazing social worker!

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