She’s 16, She’s so Beautiful and She’s Ours



The picture above that stole our hearts.   We needed her! (We think she and Birdie look a lot alike!)

Jubilee7 (2)

This was an “update picture” we received during the long adoption process.  She was so thin!  And during the adoption process we lost our home to a fire.  It set us back actually an entire year which was horrible as our sweet girl waited, unaware that there was a family who was going through “more rigamarole” to get her home than we could have ever imagined!!

But God was astoundingly faithful and eventually Emma and I went to bring our precious, long-awaited girl home!  She was 8 years old and weighed just 27 pounds!  That’s approximately the weight a baby who is about a year old should weigh!

Meeting Jubilee:

JubileeComesHome5She said, “Mama” over and over.  And she ate and ate and ate!  No doubt food had been seriously limited. Once home, we would let her eat till she was satisfied. Everyone would be done, the table and dishes done and she was still eating!  Sweet baby girl.


Daddy and the kids came outside to carry her out of the car!  It was Christmas Eve.  Sweetest Christmas gift we were ever given!   We hurried around and dressed for the Christmas Eve service!


That Christmas Eve service Daddy had the joy of introducing Jubilee Promise to our church!  Look at her face! Her expression is why we love our life!  We really, truly could have missed this!

Jubilee’s adjustments were not easy but by God’s abounding grace, unconditional love and unwavering perseverance she has adjusted beautifully.  She actually has a fan club around the world!! On the home front, she keeps everything in order!!  She’s my shadow and some days she is even my skin!  I couldn’t imagine our lives without her!

She is the first “lifer” we brought home.  We knew that the future for her would be painful without the unconditional love of a family.  We joyfully jumped on board!  She was ours – we knew it!

And just like that – our precious girl turned SIXTEEN the day after Christmas!  She doesn’t really understand what all that means, but we celebrated like there was no tomorrow!  IMG_1063IMG_1117Jubilee adores Ruby and insisted she sit with her as she opened presents.   Ruby was thrilled!

IMG_1211For those on the fence about adopting “lifers” let me just say, “It was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  The Lord has faithfully provided all we need and then some!”  I shake my head – really, we could have missed this!”

If I explain that you have wished her a happy birthday and show her the wishes she will smile big! Feel free!

64 thoughts on “She’s 16, She’s so Beautiful and She’s Ours

  1. Dearest Jubilee…I remember exactly where I was when we read of you coming home. We prayed for you then and continue to do so now. Happy birthday lovely girl. X

    1. Wow! You remember where you were? That’s incredible! So where were you, if you don’t mind me asking? I am still in awe that you remember! Well if you ever met her you would know up close what a delight she is!

  2. Hello Jubilee,
    Wishing you a very Happy and Blessed Sweet 16th Birthday! You are a gift from God! Keep smiling, it’s contagious! Sending love from a western PA friend….by the way, we are freezing here, can you send us some heat?
    May God abundantly bless you and yours!

    1. Oh friend!! If we could send you some heat, we would!! I see the pics, talk to my family in Buffalo and shudder! I couldn’t do it anymore. I know it can be “cozy” but i”ll pass on the cozy. And some say, “But it gets to hot in Phoenix!” We say, “Shovel snow or shovel sunshine!” We pick the sunshine! And truthfully, I love it hot! Thank you for your kind words – she really is a gift! To think #wecouldhavemissedthis

  3. Wishing you a very happy birthday, sweet girl! May this coming year be filled with rich blessings for you and your family.

  4. Happy Birthday beautiful Jubilee! We arrived home on Christmas Eve 4 years ago with our two treasures. I agree – best Christmas gifts ever!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet Jubilee! I “met” your mom all those years ago when we were both waiting to bring our girls home!

  6. Happy Happy birthday!! I agree on the” lifers!” We prayed for a smart, athletic, well adjusted child-can you believe that? I’m embarrassed to even write it! But by the time we traveled we realized we would take whom ever God saw fit to be in our home. People say, “But what a burden to your older children when you die. Who will take care of him?” I laugh and say, “Are you kidding me, they are already fighting over who gets to “keep” him. We have ALL been blessed.

    1. Awww I love, love, love that! People just don’t get it, do they? They fail to see the infinite value that these precious treasures add! And here we are, those that live with them, thinking how could we ever have done life without them??!! Bless you friend!

  7. Dear jubilee- happy birthday! I love your singing. Keep singing for Jesus! You are beautiful and I love you. Your friend and Mom’s friend, Denie.

    1. Awww Denie! Thank you for your kind words! I love that you watched her sing. I will show her on a map where you are. I’m not sure she will understand, but we will try. She’s a delight!

  8. Happy, HAPPY birthday, sweet Jubilee! So very thankful that God designed YOU and put you on this earth. You bring JOY to those around you. Blessings on your birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday to sweet Jubilee. Our daughter Hannah and our son David lived with her. Hannah is 15 and David is 19. Hugs from Virginia!

    1. She probably wouldn’t understand that, but do you have any pictures of her with your kids? Or your kids when they were little? I brought her home when she was 2 days from 8 years old.

  10. Happy Birthday Jubilee!
    Did you know there is an underground train line in London called the Jubilee line? A very important name!
    Sandy from England

    1. I have seen some of the pics of the east and all I can say is I love Phoenix!! I couldn’t do it. I know you don’t normally have to, but brrrrr. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  11. Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Jubilee!!! You are so treasured by God, by your family and friends, and by us! Have a wonderful 16th year! <3!

  12. Sweet Jubilee! A very VERY happy 16th birthday! You are such an amazing young lady and it is such a pleasure to know you and have been able to spend time at your house. We loved it when you came to visit us in Illinois! Come back soon! The Hintz crew is praying you have a great upcoming year! God is so good!

  13. Un très joyeux anniversaire à toi Jubilee !!
    I bought the book “the memorial box” to offer it to myself for Christmas… Now I have asked amazon to send it to my 2 sisters and one sister in law who is English in advance as a birthday gift ( one birthday is in aulgust) but I would like the whole world to read this book the sooner the Better !!!!

    1. Awww Nicole!! I was just about to climb into bed and found your precious message! I will go to sleep with my heart full of praise and a big smile on my face – thanks to you! Thank you for sending them along to your sisters and sister-in-law!! God is astoundingly faithful – the whole world needs to know!!

      1. I forgot to tell you that I bought the book via the french amazon ! I live in France.
        I gave it to three persons who read english easily.
        first reaction :
        “Thank you very much for the book that arrived yesterday. I could not help but start flipping through it and reading it. I am really enjoying it.
        Thank you.”
        So I wrote to the two others that they did not have to wait for their birthdays ! 😉
        second person:
        “Thank you for the book
        I started reading the book it looks interesting”
        The third person just called on the phone. I think she is going to start a memorial box…
        She said it arrived just at the right moment for her !

  14. Happy Sweet Sixteen, sweet girl! Keep on smiling and keep on singing!
    Linny, I can’t believe it’s been eight years already. I remember praying SO long and hard for your process, and I remember how you used to have music on the blog and “Days of Elijah” was the top of the playlist. I was a worship leader at that time, and I told my team about your family and I put that song on our rotation ALLL…THEEE…TIIIIME, lol. That was such an exciting Christmas Eve for you all!!

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