The Runner’s Lesson

Most mornings, as the sun starts to rise, I head out the door for some brisk walking.  Lately a high school track team has been coming around while I’m walking.  I have to be honest, I like to close my eyes as they approach and pretend they are horses coming through as their feet “thud-thud-thud” on the sidewalk.   It’s my “country-girl-wanna-be” trying hard.


Large groups of handsome young men, clustered together, many call “Good morning!” as they pass.  Eventually the runners end up at a nearby park where their coaches are waiting.   Reaching the park and beginning to circle I always notice a single runner lagging behind the others.  A little further and I often see another single runner lagging even further back.


It was then that the Lord whispered to my soul,

“Reading your Bible daily can be compared to the team running – they are diligently running each morning. Many people make a New Years’ resolution that they will read their Bible and pray daily, yet instantly things get crazy and they didn’t get to start.  Then, having already missed the start…they give up and don’t even try. 

Linny tell your friends that even if they got a late start, look at the runner lagging behind.  He’s still running, even though he likely got a late start.  But he jumped in any way! Please remind your friends that if they ‘promised’ themselves that they would read their Bible daily but are already lagging behind, it doesn’t matter.  I love them.  I long to spend time with them! Jump in now.  It’s not too late.  In fact, it’s actually never too late.  Look at the last runner.  He’s still in it even though he’s behind.  Remember – at the finish line no one will remember who was lagging behind at practice.”   


One thought on “The Runner’s Lesson

  1. That’s really neat, loved this!! <3 I'm reading the Bible completely through for the 3rd time, this year. I absolutely love starting fresh and making resolutions, but they totally can be hard to stick to. Thanks for this!!

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