Cheers Coming From The Public Bathroom

IMG_5710Being almost weekend it’s time for a little laughter in anticipation of all that Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays bring!

Funny how life works…some days we find ourselves cheering for joy at the craziest things in the most unlikely places… when Ruby does something remarkable!  After all, medical professionals had said Ruby would never, ever see and she would also never be able to do anything – oh how terribly wrong they were!  Can you imagine what we would have missed out on if we had listened to them and been fearful of that, albeit very wrong, prognosis?

Because now our sweet chica is so busy, busy, busy and I really do have to stay on my toes to keep up with her.  She has been getting into anything and everything for ages!  Her wheels actually make her even faster!  I’ve often wondered if a pair of roller skates would help me keep up!

So here’s why all the crazy cheering…

Yesterday the kids and I had gone on a field trip to see a musical and while out I needed to use the restroom.  Wheeling Ruby with me I went into the handicap stall to accommodate her wheelchair.   I really needed to go badly so I quickly locked the stall door and then just locked one side of her chair in place.  With one side locked she wheels around in circles, but I didn’t really think that through….I mean, we were in a bathroom…how much could she really get into?

As I got ready to do what I needed to do, I confess I really wasn’t paying attention.  With much on my mind, I seated myself and glanced at my phone.  You know how it is – in your head you know everything is fine and you are just hurrying through the motions….thinking about all the things that need to be tended to and suddenly, unexpectedly and loudly your thoughts are completely interrupted!

So it was yesterday – seated and mid-stream when suddenly and very unexpectedly there was such a loud bang it completely scared the hooey out of me and I literally jumped!  Looking up I found that our little miracle girl had, in about 10 seconds flat, managed to twirl her only-one-side-locked wheelchair around, unlock the stall door and fling it open so that it loudly banged the outer bathroom wall.  It now stood propped against that outer wall.  (I even took a picture – unedited and un propped in any way to show you her gigantic understandably embarrassing accomplishment!)  Yes indeed, our going-places-girl had unlocked and swung the door open with no effort at all!  The doors are probably weighted to accommodate wheelchair accessibility because as hard as it hit, it did not swing back toward our stall.  Nope.  Of course it didn’t.

Laughing loudly I now found myself congratulating her gigantic achievement from my perch, I mean, who wouldn’t?  Who knew that one day this miracle girl would be able to unlock the public bathroom door and throw it w-i-d-e open with her mom seated…well you know what I mean…just out of reach!

Yes, we were very exposed and through my laughter I was praying no one would come in and wondering what I would say if someone did.  Let me just add that the MS has affected my bladder and trips to the ladies room are never quick!  So you can imagine how I was laughing and praying as I finished the task before we were able to get ourselves together and head out. IMG_5712

The little girl with the twinkle in her eye sure brings us immeasurable joy – even in the most unlikely places!  Go Ruby Go!

And if you should happen upon us in the restroom and the door is open, please pretend you didn’t see me…we’ll laugh together and hug necks a little later.

Happy FriYay to you all!  IMG_5706

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