Our Little Birdie Wants to Tell You…

Our gorgeous Birdie wants to tell you something and she’s pretty excited about it too!

Actually Birdie wants to tell the whole world this:


Today is World Down Syndrome Day and she is soooooo happy to be alive!! 

Yup!  World Down Syndrome Day was set in 2012 to remind the entire world of the infinite value all those with Down Syndrome have! A day to also remember that the world is a better place because of those sporting an extra chromosome.

No doubt I’ve said it before about our Birdie but we really couldn’t imagine our lives without her. She brings us joy and much laughter every single day – she makes our home a better and brighter place by adding significant value to our family!  Friends who know Birdie will agree too!IMG_5890

Now two years home, Birdie has emerged into a compassionate, spunky, joyful, determined, helpful little treasure.  My favorite thing to watch her do is when she gently loves on her big sissy Ruby, tenderly patting her back or “helping” her with something.  It’s adorable when she helps me change Ruby and then lays down to get changed herself – how cute is that?  In fact Birdie does not want to go to sleep at night without Ruby in their room and will call as I finish getting Ruby ready for bed, “Reee? Reee? Reeeeee!”


Ruby had an early morning appointment with her neurosurgeon.  When we returned home, Birdie was the first to hop in the car to help pull her  her out!  LOL  She loves her Ree!

So in our home we are celebrating three things: that Birdie’s birth mom chose life, that Birdie sports an extra chromosome and we are definitely celebrating her sweet self!  She is so worthy of life!


In celebration of World Down Syndrome Day I would like to share something else too…as most know, Dw is the Executive Director of our 501c3 ministry, International Voice of the Orphan.  We rent office space downtown and one day Dw came home and told me about a energetic young couple who rent space next to him.  Their names are Andrea and Josiah and they are passionate for the unborn – which is so refreshing!!

Josiah and Andrea and their team have been working tirelessly in an effort to help change the medical profession through their ministry, Voice for the Voiceless.  Their ministry has produced a video featuring moms who have children with Down Syndrome – all calling for a change in the medical community when a woman receives the diagnosis of Down Syndrome….the video speaks for itself…

I’m so proud of what these young adults are doing to speak up on behalf of the voiceless – including those with Down Syndrome and other disabilities.

Together we celebrate all the Birdies this world has the pleasure of having!  Celebrate with us!

10 thoughts on “Our Little Birdie Wants to Tell You…

  1. Thanks for this. I go to the March for Life in DC every year. The first year I went, they told us that eighty percent of children with Down Syndrome are aborted. Eighty. Percent. For every child you meet with Down syndrome, there are 4 more that were murdered. Unbelievable. And then you meet these children, and they make you feel better than you can imagine. There used to be a man who worked at my grocery store as a bagger. He was a bit slow, and he tended to put the milk on top of the bread, but my brother and I chose his line every time because he was just so, so pleasant. So happy to be alive and bagging at the grocery store. How many of us could have that kind of a positive attitude about such a basic, boring job? Eighty percent. I have no words to adequately express that loss.

    1. Wow. 4:1 – incredible. I always notice on FB, etc, that there are often very few comments on posts like this because I think it strikes a cord. So many just don’t get it – but truly – if only every home had a Birdie, a Ruby or a Jubilee – this world would be a brighter and better place!

  2. Hi Linny! Thank you so much for helping this message reach more and more people! And thank you so much for your encouragement–full disclosure, I’m currently fan-girling inside because my name is on one of my favorite blogs!!! I will treasure up this encouragement in my heart always. Hope to meet you and Birdie soon! <3

    1. Fan-girling? You made me giggle and that was so needed for my soul. Your video is so needed! SOOO needed. May the message ring loud and clear – treasures with Down Syndrome have infinite value!

  3. I’m sure that you’ve all seen this video from the UK as well, but just in case. It makes me cry every time. …

  4. This video 😭 with these mamas speaking about their children brought me to tears. I pray the Voice for the Voiceless ministries impacts many doctors hearts to see that these children are valuable, precious, miracles just like any other child. I pray that God uses their ministry to help save lives.

    P.S.- Birdie is so cute! I’m liking her big ol’ blue poka dot bow and those glasses too! ❤️

  5. Also can I just say how cool it is that International Voice of the Orphan and Voice for the Voiceless are located next to each other! 😊

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