Seven Years Later…Who Would Have Guessed?

It’s almost been seven years since it all began – that day that I jumped on the blog and wrote a brief post asking for prayer for a one-year-old girl.  Emma had found her in the corner of an orphanage where she and Dwight were leading a mission team and that baby girl was clearly dying.  Many of you immediately sprang into action praying.  Some fasted with us.  Others asked their family and friends to pray.  For those who have been hanging around Our Place Called Simplicity that long you will remember it all well.

Little did we know that she would eventually be ours!  What a thrill to have the orphanage director ask us to be her parents after pleading with the Lord to save her life day and night!  The paper chase to bring her home began in early July of 2011.

Two weeks later Karl was hit by the 87 year old man and lay in a coma while the paperwork to bring her home screeched to a halt.  Every waking hour was spent in the ICU.  It was a time we will never forget. Two months later, with Karl out of the coma and the paperwork done (only by God’s grace) Emma and I left to bring that baby girl home.

SO many of you are part of her miracle (and Karl’s)!! We can not ever thank you enough for all your prayers! She is a miracle through and through!  Every single aspect of her life has been touched by the mighty hand of our astoundingly faithful God – she is a rowdy bundle of joy who loves to pull pranks and keeps us on our toes!

IMG_6284With Emma home we had to get another picture so we could do the side-by-side.  Oh the miracles our all-powerful, all-knowing, all-healing God has done – celebrate with us!  He is so worthy of all our praise!

No one would have ever guessed how He would heal our Ruby.  No one.  Our God has done “above and beyond all we could think or ask!”  And believe it or not, His healing continues in her life.  I’ll share soon what this miracle girl has been up to lately.  It’s incredible.  Such a gift to our family personally, to our friends and to the world that knows her.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

James 1:17



And for the record:  Our God is able to meet your needs too.  Whatever your miracle is that you need, He is more than capable.  He is not a “one miracle per person” type of God, nor does He tire of our asking for many miracles.  He passionately loves each of us and longs to be actively involved in our lives, tending to our needs. 

Lastly, I wrote Ruby’s story in a book titled, “Rescuing Ruby” that was published and is available on Amazon in both book form as well as the Kindle version.  It can be purchased here.    IMG_4348


6 thoughts on “Seven Years Later…Who Would Have Guessed?

  1. Linnylee! I cant believe its been 7years. What a journey. I was so scared she wasnt even going to make it for the trip home. And then all those scary hospital stays. Love ur guts. Give her hugs from us!

    1. It seems hard to imagine that it’s been 7 years – but oh-oh-boy has God been faithful and has He ever been doing the miraculous all this time! I will share soon what this chica is up to – she has us hoppin and such a stinker!! xoxo

  2. The pictures sure are remarkable. God sure had a plan (and still does) for both Emma and Ruby. Only God. I did read the book….so sad but so beautiful. Best wishes.

  3. It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years! As in everything, God had a plan for that Baby Girl.
    She is blessed, as are you. Thank you for sharing your journey. I have both of your books on my Kindle and read them when I’m feeling down. Your books raise my spirits.

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