Can You Help Me?

Hey friends, look at this little guy.  Do you notice his eyes?  They are looking right at the camera.  Staring.  If I could speak for Malachy he looks to me like he is pleading, “Hey! Do you see me?  I mean, really see me. Yes, my body is badly broken, but I need your help!  Would you please come get me out of here?  All I’ve only ever known is heartache, malnourishment, starvation and rejection.  Would you please come rescue me?  Would you please make me yours forever?  Just give me a chance.  I will love you back so big and I will smile and laugh for you.  I will bring you great joy.  Please!  Come get me!” 

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Malachy is 15 and he’s aging out in October and as anyone can clearly see – Malachy desperately needs a family.  His special need is major cognitive delays which is no surprise when looking at his severe malnourishment.

But here’s what I’m wondering…

What do people think when they see Malachy’s eyes staring at you?   Do people just say, “Awww, poor thing” and move on?  Or do people merely see that he will be a “lifer” and need care for his entire life?  Do they worry how their future will look with him in it?

All I know friends is that this little guy needs a family – it’s critical to his survival.  It’s plain and simple.  Malachy needs a family like yesterday.  And someone reading has the ability to change Malachy’s life forever.  

And I would love to think that some see Malachy’s tremendous potential and they imagine his precious face immersed in smiles!!  Do you see it with me? All the years of neglect, malnourishment, heartache and finally it’s Malachy’s turn!! Do you see what that would do?? It would forever change the trajectory of Malachy’s life.

This is what I am confident of.  When we saw Ruby’s eyes calling to us, “Please take me! Get me out of here!  Feed me!  Love me! I’m locked inside my body and need someone to just see my potential!”



Oh friends…saying “yes” to that very broken baby girl of ours was one of the very best decisions Dw and I have ever made in our entire lives!  If we had to do it again, we would do a kazillion times over! YES!!  Ruby instantly became a treasured  daughter who has far surpassed every bar ever thought to be too high for her.  She makes us laugh daily and tells us just what she thinks of just about everything.

Seriously friends from that picture above to this:


This is what Jesus does when we say “yes”!!

And get this:  Malachy’s country allows large families to adopt from it.   And hey empty-nesters – Malachy’s country allows older parents!!  (Hint, hint!  Translation:  Do something really fruitful with your days!)  Seriously, you will never believe how blessed you will be with Malachy in your home.  Yes, your life will change – but only ever for the better.   

Malachy has some grants available…and if you proceed with his adoption, I will personally help help you fundraise to bring him home.  He’s so worth it!   For more information about adopting Malachy, click here. 

And while we’re on a roll here, here are three other treasures that are in desperate need of a home.

Meet Zain!! 

Looking at this little guy makes me long for the “after” pictures.  The “I’m finally in a family and I’m so very loved and my face shows it” kind of picture because this little guy is in desperate need of a family.   His special need is Down Syndrome but really his only true need is for a family to say, “We need you, we want you and you will be home forever!”

Here’s a bit about him:  Zain is a little 3 year-old fellow with a birthday of April 2015. He is quiet but active and energetic. He enjoys interacting with his nanny and toys that make sound. He is said to have a good appetite and will eat rice, noodles, vegetables, bread, and fruit. Zain has Down syndrome and has had an operation for congenital heart defects (ASD and VSD) in October 2015. As of December 2017, he is able to sit alone for just a few minutes. He likes to roll around on the mat and will often rotate over to his belly and crawl towards his peers, then raise his head and watch them play. If there are toys around him, he will grab and play with them but he will lay on the mat to rest quietly when he gets tired of playing. He is really good at using his thumb and forefinger to pick up tiny objects. Zain is in need of a family to roll around and play with all the years of his childhood! As you can see, he needs so much love!

Zain’s file is currently with WACAP. He has a $4,000 grant available for qualified families. For more information, please email


Meet Stephanie!!







A little about this sweet girl:

Stephanie will turn 14 (and age out) next February 2019.   She is hardworking and no matter how difficult a task she will work hard to complete it.  She has a great sense of humor –  just look at her joy!  Her file states that she has Cerebral Palsy and developmental delays.  When she first came to the orphanage she was unable to roll over but now she can is able to crawl quickly to wherever she wants.   Sweet Stephanie will, no doubt, thrive with the love, encouragement and support of a forever family.

Stephanie’s file is currently with WACAP.  She has a $4,000 grant available for qualified families to assist with her adoption. For more information, please email



Meet Joshua:

JoshuaICC1 JoshuaICC2 JoshuaICC3 JoshuaICC4


Joshua is 11 years old and is just waiting for you to come for him.

He has Cerebral Palsy but functions well and is able to self-feed, self-toilet, etc.  There is way more information available here about this handsome guy!   Joshua has seen several of his friends leave with their families and has been asking for his.  Let’s make this little boys dreams come true!  And for the record:  #wheelchairsarentscary

Joshua is currently on the shared list.  Please contact Erin Schmidt, ICC’s Adoptive Families Coordinator, at to receive Joshua’s identifying information so that your agency can find his file.




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  1. Hi there! I emailed the agency about Malachay. My husband and I are moving forward with pursuing bringing him home. Would you be willing to contact me? I have no idea how all this works and would love to talk to someone who does.

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