The Way He Came

Almost six years ago we shared the joyous news that God in His lovingkindness toward us had brought us a new son.  He had come home to our family through the sorrow of disruption.  He was already 9 at the time.


I’m fairly certain that when some hear of kids coming to a family through disruption they wonder if “the family on the receiving end is getting someone else’s problems.”  Unwaveringly we shout,  “Not a chance!”  Our son, Nehemiah, is a joy to all who know him.  Tenderhearted, kind, helpful, a little shy but loves to chat one-on-one, gentle and soft-spoken.  He’s seriously the sweetest guy and we just couldn’t imagine our lives without him!  He is such a gift!

He’s usually the first to say, “Hey mom! Can I help you with that?”  He’s also the one who comes regularly to say, “Mom do you need any help with anything?”   How many 15-year-olds are asking their parents daily if they need any help with anything?  He’s pretty remarkable.  (Others of ours come to ask if we need help but no one as often as Nehemiah.)

Today when Dw and I took Nehemiah to his birthday lunch we both expressed how much we love him and how we truly needed him when he came home.  We actually needed him far more than he needed us.  In fact we are convinced that the family who first adopted him was merely a stepping-stone to bring him home to us.  Even though we didn’t know them at all prior to his adoption, they were the tool God used to bring Nehemiah to our forever home.

Looking at our Nehemiah I have to wonder how many nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen-year-olds are just waiting for a family to just give them a chance? I am quite certain there are actually millions.  And for those “Nehemiahs” waiting, my arms ache.  Oh to bring a dozen more home!

IMG_8812Breakfast in bed to celebrate his 15th!!  He ordered breakfast pizza and Liberty whipped it up.  Of course as tradition in our home would have it, everyone piled into the boys bunks to sing and eat together.  Birdie thought she hit the jackpot hanging out with her BFF Isaiah.



I think Ruby was wondering when the food was coming cause she was pretty hungry!IMG_8818


In our home the boys can play wii on Saturdays after their chores are done and if their room is clean.  Kinda’ funny how on Friday there is a mad dash to clean their room – which of course, isn’t suspect at all.   But there is an exception to the rule – Birthdays!  And on birthdays they are allowed to play wii when they get up.  So of course at 5-something each birthday we hear the pitter patter of feet with not-so-quiet whispers overhead as they move the wii from the loft to their room (so as not to wake us – haha).  They close the doors and before long, above the close doors we hear the laughter and rowdines.  I love having a big family.  It seriously is the best.  The very best.


Nee wanted sushi for lunch and it was delish!!



After lunch a free birthday treat (for anyone whose birthday it happens to be) at Dutch Bros where Liberty works….


And on an interesting side note – if something is broken around our home he is the kid to give it to – he can fix anything and yes, he takes apart everything to see how it works.  No surprise that Nehemiah is thinking he would like to be a bio-medical engineer (didn’t even know the term existed until we started researching it). He’d love to design robotic limbs for those without and he’d like to take that knowledge to countries without.   I just can’t imagine that giftedness and love-for-others sitting in an orphanage on the other side of the world – what a tremendous loss it would be.

So today as we celebrate the 15th birthday of this handsome gift please wish him a happy birthday.   He’ll blush big time and it will make this mama smile to see others love him so. 

23 thoughts on “The Way He Came

  1. He truly does have such a quiet & gentle spirit, as described by Peter. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for your Nehemiah! Happy Birthday Nehemiah! 🎈🎂🎁

  2. Nehemiah-
    Hope you had a spectacular birthday! Such a sweet-spirited handsome young many you have become!

  3. We adopted thru a disruption as well and our son has been one of the biggest and best blessings of our entire family!!

  4. Happy Birthday Nehemiah! Thank you for loving your family so well!!! You bless them and that blesses all of us who love them and you too!

  5. 🎁 Happy 15th Birthday Nehemiah! 🎈
    15 was always the age I really wanted to be when I was growing up-it seemed so old!
    It is great to see you are growing into such a Godly young man already. I hope you had a wonderful day.

  6. Happy birthday, Nehemiah! So thankful for your witness of God’s love! Your smile just lights up your photographs! Thanks for sharing, Linny!!

  7. Nehemiah, you are so blessed to have such a wonderful family help you celebrate your 15th birthday. You are very handsome and sweet and smart. God Almighty has more blessings coming your way! I hope your day was very good.

  8. Happy Birthday Nehemiah. Wow, you look so grown up! God has made you so very special. What a wonderful plan he has for you! It will be exciting to see how He leads you to it in the coming years.
    Sandy in the UK

  9. Yayayayayayay!! You are 15!!! I remember when you came home!!! It was such an incredible surprise! Little ol’ me in bloggy world was so stunned I wept with joy when I read your mama’s sweet post introducing you!! God BLESS YOU and thank you for sharing your life with us! You are such a wonderful example of a Godly young man! Praying for you and that God’s purpose for your is fulfilled and it is beyond your wildest imagination! 🙂

  10. Nehemiah, I am sure that Jesus blessed your socks off today on your
    15th. Birthday…..I think you are a very special young man and God
    has His Loving arms around you for something very gifted for you to
    accomplish for Him…
    It would be fantastic if I could meet you and your sibs one day when
    I come to visit my friends in the Phoenix area in a few weeks.


  12. This is late – I been away from wifi for a few days~
    Nehemiah – happy belated birthday from China! I’m very touched by your story, and know God has amazing things in store for you!

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