Last Two Days!

Today and tomorrow are the last days to guess how many blog posts I’ve written, both published and waiting in the draft folder.

If you missed the post, it’s here. 

What are we celebrating??  Ten years of writing our Place Called Simplicity!!  I seriously can’t believe it’s been 10 years but just had to do a brief recap of the last 10 years and you can find it here.  



So after opening up the contest, I have to tell you  – one of you guessed only 84 away from the total!  Rock it sister – rock it!!

And the prize?  I will send a Memorial Box to the grand prize winner.  If they already have one or aren’t interested in one, no biggie at all!!  I will just send something special.  There will be two runner-ups as well.

So friends, you can guess again as often as you like or for those who haven’t guessed, go for it!

Happy Guessing these next two days!!  Contest closes at midnight on July 22, 2018 PST.

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