My Birthday Wish

It’s my birthday and I’m so excited – this is a “big one”!!

So last year I turned 59 and I confess the thought of turning the next one after it made me feel a little queasy, Let’s be honest – that next one does really sound kinda’ old! But one day I am happy to report that I found some very, very, very tiny print in the “Life Rule Book”.  Have you ever read that one?  It takes a really high powered magnifying glass to see this very fine, fine print but there it was – plain as day….

If a woman has 14 children and is 59 years old, the next birthday she will actually go backward!!  Kid you not – I had to read it like 8 times to believe it for myself – I mean what are the odds it said 14 specifically?  Thank goodness, I made it by the skin of my teeth or we’d have been scurrying to bring home another! 

All kidding aside, I’m thrilled to be turning 60.  I really feel like it is the very best years of my life in every way! The Lord has blessed me so very abundantly and I’m living my dream with my sweet pile of treasures! They are the most fun ever to hang out with every day!  I’m so grateful to be a mom of many.



Taken Sunday at our precious friends’ daughter’s wedding in Tucson.  

Now here’s the scoop: 

This is the first time I’ve ever asked you, my bloggy friends, to help me celebrate my birthday but I have one birthday wish!

As a mom of treasures in wheelchairs I cannot overemphasize the importance of concrete for their chairs to roll easily.  Friends, the Gems need a fully accessible village!  They need concrete sidewalks – 1,000′ of them to be exact.  My prayer is that you will help me pave the way for the Gems at the Gem Village! I know many of you understand the need for sidewalks – especially given that Uganda has many months of rainy season each year!

Would you be willing to help celebrate my 60th with me?  Let’s pave the way for the Gems to roll!  The need is real!


Above is my buddy Nehemiah of The Gem Foundation.  He is kind, gentle and has CP.  He is getting therapy and learning to use a walker – Nehemiah will benefit greatly from the new sidewalk!   And that’s Haura laying in the background…her wheelchair will be able to zip around with a sidewalk!

Happy Birthday to me!


Give to The Birthday Wish Here


Every birthday gift is tax deductible as our ministry, International Voice of the Orphan is a 501c3.   No gift is too small and the Gems and I thank you so very, very, very much!  




2 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish

  1. Happy Birthday Linny!!! I would love to help build sidewalks for those precious gems! I’m just wondering, is it possible to donate through Help the Gems (I live in Canada)?


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