Thank you For Your Faithful Service

When I was a little girl the Vietnam War was going on.  We would have regular air raid drills in school, hurrying to the hall when the siren in town would sound.  It was hard to remain calm!  We would crawl under our desks and “tuck” or we would line up facing the wall, away from all windows and tuck in with our hands folded over our necks to protect ourselves.  The air raid drills were done to practice for the possibility of being bombed.  It was truly a sobering time and not one looked back upon with anything but the shudders. memorial-1-1548345

Another memory I have from when I was probably about 8 years old was admiring a high school girl from the church I attended.  She was so very pretty, long dark hard and a spunky spring in her step!  She was dating another boy from high school and I remember them graduating and hearing he was being drafted.  I was panicked for them!! They decided to get married immediately so they would be married before he left for “Nam”.  As a little girl I prayed for her, for his safety and before long two uniformed officers came to her parents home to tell her, he had died in the war.   I was brokenhearted for all of them.  Obviously memories like these shape us forever.



This being Veteran’s Day we thank all those who are serving our country, including our family hero and his family.   The sacrifice you all make is one we do not take lightly.  Our family proudly supports our military and their families.  Thank you on behalf of our family for your faithful service and know that we are praying for you and we will always have your back.

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