A Special Message From Our Savannah….

Hi Friends! 

It’s me, Savannah, coming to share my heart with you all about a very exciting time happening in this sweet family of ours! As most of you know, Emma is due with a precious little babe in February and this amazing family is in dyer need of some baby essentials. 


If you have ever birthed or adopted a baby you are well aware of the abundance of items that these tiny humans require. After having our Winston in September, I was blown away at the amount of things that not only came in handy but were a complete necessity in my day to day (and I’m definitely more of a minimalist type). Motherhood is hard, guys. It’s so fulfilling and incredible, but it is dang hard work and I can only imagine how much harder it would be living in a third world country with no family and no access to a Target five minutes away that’s loaded with all the baby things anyone could ever dream of. 

SOOOO, I come to each of you asking that you all would join me in lovingly welcoming baby Quisenberry into the world with an online baby shower that I’m hosting! 


4 thoughts on “A Special Message From Our Savannah….

    1. I’m always nervous that I will pick the wrong person on Venmo – I just sent you a friend request on that app – if you get it, will you let me know somehow? Thanks!!

      1. I’m sorry I didn’t see this Andrea. My Venmo name is: @Linny-Saunders Does that help? Thank you for wanting to bless them. I will also email you since I can see it on the comment but is hidden from others!

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