Birdie’s Big Day!


Well it’s official – our little Miss Birdie Bee is 7-years-old!! Seven!!

Although Birdie doesn’t really understand what a birthday is, and she is unable to say “seven” (or most words for that matter) she sure knew what I meant when I told her, “It’s going to be Birdie’s birthday and we will sing (and I started singing) “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Birdie, Happy Birthday to you.”   And as I sang she started to squeal in delight!  Yeah, she definitely understands that good things happen on birthdays.

Birdie patiently waited for breakfast in our bed – paleo waffles with blueberries and coconut whipped cream – such a treat!  The whipped cream was her favorite part – isn’t it all of ours?  Her expression (above) while waiting speaks volumes, “I am pleased-as-punch that it’s my turn to have a birthday, I’m also ready for today to be all about me, and for the record, now that I’m seven I am officially the boss-lady!”  Ha!

It’s downright miraculous to see how far Birdie has come. We stand in awe that we have had the privilege of a front row seat to her emotional healing and attachment to us.  Broken lives as a result of abandonment, abuse, heartache, grief, and loss are all capable of healing because of the immeasurable love, mercy and grace of God! One of my favorite things in life is “before” and “after” pictures when a treasure has come home to a family.

Meeting Birdie, February 29th – Leap Year Day – 2016.  IMG_7543




Birdie’s become a nurturer and loves playing with her dolly (or her dog).  Although I wish I had a picture, she carries her dolly around, talking to her and gently tending to her needs. It’s precious to watch our little one who had had so much trauma who is now able to tenderly love her own doll.

Birdie also dearly loves Ree (her name for Ruby) and pats her back when Ree’s coughing, grabs things Ree needs and watches out for her – it’s a beautiful gift to watch.

Most will remember when I went to bring Birdie home that she was not a fan of me at all.  It was downright painful at times. For months she didn’t really want anything to do with me and would avoid me at all costs.  Of course it was really hard to have longed for a little one with Down syndrome, and specifically Birdie as we waited to bring her home, only to be rejected by her.



But God is faithful and He whispers.  He longs for little ones to be in families – loved and nurtured.  And He whispered about wearing Birdie in the sling and once I began to carry her in a sling, Birdie’s protectively-layered-hardened-little-heart began to slowly peel away one speck at a time.  She got so that when she would see me carrying my sling, she would let out a happy squeal and eagerly climb into it where she would instantly hunker down – which was so good for my soul too.

Now she’s been home for three years and guess who Birdie follows around all day long?  (Insert big smile.) Yup!! Her healing has been slow, but steady – thanks to the amazing power of our loving God.   There is nothing sweeter to my ears than to hear her gruff little voice call happily, “Huh mom?”  Translation: “Do you want a hug mom?” Seriously, makes me smile just typing it.

Sunday mornings have recently become my “time off” while Dw gets the kids ready for church I can do whatever I want.  Of course I have to dash to get my shower and get out with them, but the time off has been so helpful to my soul.  Most often I choose to write and so as I am writing this, Birdie keeps sneaking in the room to sit near me. Once she could have cared less where I was, but now, she seeks me out all day long.  This is the beautiful blessing of healing, attachment and bonding – all made possible by our astoundingly faithful God.  And really, when I hear our bedroom door handle ever-so-slowly turning and the door silently opening and her little whisper, “Huh mom?”  – well it just makes my day!

Happy Birthday little Miss Birdie Bee – you bring joy, laughter and delight to everyone who knows you – just because you’re you!  We couldn’t imagine our lives without you – the Lord has been so good to all of us!


4 thoughts on “Birdie’s Big Day!

  1. Happiest of birthdays Birdy – – I remember your arrival very well. So thrilled by your progress and God’s grace. Have your mom give me a call one of these days when she’s just polishing her nails 🙂

  2. Happy happy birthday to your sweet Birdie! Blessed to share my birthday month (maybe week?) with her! Maybe someday we’ll have a party together! 😉

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