Six of Ours

For those who aren’t on Facebook I wanted to share what I posted yesterday morning:

Yesterday was an unbelievable day of celebration for our family as we had the joy of participating as six of our sweet pile were baptized. Each wrote their own powerful testimony, some sharing very vulnerable things of their pre-coming home days and then how they came to meet Jesus as their Savior and friend. We are thankful for their desire to please the Lord in this act of obedience. A friend videoed it and shared it with us.

It will definitely go down in our family history as one of our most joyous and sweetest days ever. We love you Jubilee, Johnny, Nehemiah, Isaiah, Elizabeth and Elijah and make no mistake – although our hearts ache that what brought you home meant abandonment, loss and trauma, we are so thankful God brought you to us and that He is redeeming your days. We are forever grateful you are ours for forever!!

Friends, watch and see for yourselves what an amazing pile of treasures He has brought us – He has been astoundingly faithful to our family. Rumor has it that there was not a dry eye in the service.

The video is posted here:  Six of Ours 


Our family is far from perfect as we have worked through many struggles.  However, God in His infinite mercy, grace and generous love continues to work in our family.  We are forever grateful for His astounding faithfulness!




10 thoughts on “Six of Ours

  1. Thank you for sharing, that was awesome! We are in a really rough spot right now with our son we adopted last year (age 15). This gives me such hope.

  2. Oh, what a joyous proclamation of God’s love and sovereignty!! How He’s worked in and through two of his children, Dwight and Linny, to trust Him as they share their lives and resources with these precious ‘forgotten and rejected’ children to bring them into His family for eternity!!

  3. I cried tears of joy and thankfulness watching this! Oh, how our great God lavishes His love on us that your precious treasures would be called His children. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Oh Linny and Dwight, your sweet kiddos’ testimonies made me so weepy. God is so good. And His ways are so much higher than our ways.

  5. What a beautiful blessing and celebration having six of your children baptized on the same day! Baptisms always bring me to tears. How very special they could share their testimonies too! ♥️

    I wanted to also share the good news with you that I safely delivered another baby boy on October 17th. It seems like just yesterday you were praying for me as I was really struggling with infertility and now we have two little boys! Praise be to God!!! 🙌

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