Our Fragile Ruby

Since many of you who stop by aren’t on Facebook, I felt I should share what I posted there on Thursday and Friday.

On Thursdays six of the kids and I head to a homeschooling co-op we belong to.  While at co-op, at 1:04pm I received a phone call from Dw. This is what I posted shortly after on my FB page:

Please pray!!! Frantic call from Dw while 6 of the kids and I were at co-op today…”Ruby’s having a seizure”!!! I raced to meet the ambulance at PCH. She’s not waking up yet and they are running tons of tests. Please, please pray!!

At 9:28pm I posted this update:

Ruby’s seizure was long and Dw thought he was going to have to begin CPR. Ruby’s seizures are life-threatening and this one lasted at least 10 minutes (others have been much longer). They just don’t want to stop.

I was waiting for the ambulance when it arrived at Children’s. I had texted Ruby’s beloved neurosurgeon as I was running from my car to the hospital. He adores her and had already called the ER by the time she was moved to the bed from the ambulance stretcher.

I posted soon after asking you guys to pray and you sprung into action. We can never thank you all enough.

There was much concern from all of us, including her neurosurgeon for many reasons (too long to explain). Dr. Shafron was thinking she might need surgery and he would do it if need be. Anyway, as the sweet staff was trying to put an IV in her veins kept blowing. They then did all kinds of tests and she slept through them as they did them. He ordered an MRI and she woke up just before I went in the tube with her (she hates MRIs) and then she also had a shunt series.

In the meantime we could tell so many around the world were praying! My cell phone was dying and I did not have a charger so I couldn’t update you all. Thank you all who texted, messaged, etc. I had to save my battery (which was under 10%) incase the other kids needed me.

Anyway, you guys prayed with us and our astoundingly faithful God was moving miraculously. And in spite of all the symptoms, her MRI is stable (truly a miracle in light of the symptoms). Her neurologist added another seizure med to her current med and they released us to go home.

Dw and I are so weary. We’ve done seizures now for almost 8 years and it doesn’t get easier, I’m pretty sure it gets worse. It is truly terrifying knowing how her life hangs in the balance and there is nothing we can do but pray. We are so grateful for the privilege of loving her…and we celebrate her beautiful smile, her joyful spirit and every single moment we have with her – she is truly one of God’s greatest gifts to our family.

Then on Friday I posted this:

Friday – All Saints Day – 11/1/2019 Another update on our sweet miracle-girl.

Dw and I feel 100% certain that it was ONLY the power of our God that spared Ruby yesterday. We cannot ever thank you all enough – and if I could give each of you a hug in person – doggone it – I would! (through tears) Thank you for loving our precious gift and praying for her. I told Dr. Shafron that her peeps around the world were praying for her because she has an enormous fan club. He said, “No doubt, look at her. My whole family loves Ruby too!” I told him that people were praying for him and are so thankful for him. He came right over to see her when she arrived at the ER.

Almost every morning Dw and I make some coffee, get something for Ruby (as she is always awake too and hanging out with us) and snuggle on our little love seat in our room to pray together for all the needs around us. Ruby hears all the prayers we pray and I do believe she agrees with us as we lift up so many concerns.

This morning Dw and I sat with Ruby between us on our little love seat and we both were overcome with tears and weeping.

We’re guessing there probably aren’t many people who have treasures as involved as Ruby. And even less at our ages who have an involved 9-year-old whose life hangs in the balance.

Yet we are convinced that we are THE MOST BLESSED couple ever – because she’s ours. Ruby’s life adds so much to our personal lives and our family. We are enthralled with her. Her joy, her giggles, her precious worshipping, her tenderness, her rowdiness, her spunkiness and her pranks! Oh how she loves to pull pranks! She’s got an incredible sense of humor and daily causes our family to laugh hysterically. We never, ever, ever want to imagine our lives without her.

Yesterday Dw thought he had lost her and was calling to her, “Ruby! Stay with me Ruby! Stay with me!” as he was about to begin CPR. Her seizures “freak out” (their exact words) her neurologist who went on to say, “and I do seizures all day long.” Her doc says that because her seizures just won’t stop! Her seizures have always put us on high alert for forever.

Anyway, today Ruby has spent most of the day sleeping. The new meds side-effect is sleepiness and dizziness on top of the lengthy seizure – no doubt, she’s tuckered. She did perk up a bit when I was giving her her bath. And she started to giggle cause she loves to let the water out and kept doing it. It felt so good to hear her giggle!

Here’s a sweet shot as she’s sleeping right now between Jubilee and Elijah. I had to take this so you all could enjoy her amazing curls. They are so beautiful!

If she crosses your mind, please pray she returns to herself and that her body adjusts to this additional seizure med…and of course, pray that she never has a seizure again! You guys are the best! Thank you!! xoxo


Although this is all after the fact, I wanted you, our friends, to know.  As I mentioned above, if Ruby should cross your mind, please pray she returns to herself and that her body adjusts to this additional seizure med…and of course, pray that you never has another seizure again!  


2 thoughts on “Our Fragile Ruby

  1. Thanks for updating. I am not on Facebook, but love to pray for your family too. Be assured that Ruby, you all, and her doctors and nurses will be in our prayers as she recovers.

  2. Hi Linny, so happy to hear that Ruby is stable. I know how dear she is to your family. Our family is going through a tough time right now too. My youngest, 12, adopted from India, had to go to an inpatient hospital for her mental health, and now, our 8 month old puppy, who we were planning to train for therapy work, got spooked on trick or treat night and ran off. We are devastated, as she too is very dear and an important part of our family. If you have a heart for four legged family members, could you please say a prayer for her safe return?

    Carole in PA

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